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Elfsong Tavern District

Elfsong Tavern District POI

Elfsong Tavern District

[All the Way to the Bank]


Zelma approaches blade in hand.

A thief, Zelma, will attempt to distract us so she can pick our pockets. She will succeed unless we call her out on it.

  • Catch Zelma attempting to pick our pocket
    • Kill Zelma (500 xp, 89 gold)
      • Pay Senna, return to Teera (-50 gold)
  • If Zelma picks your pocket…(-50 gold)
    • Inform Teera the money was stolen and you couldn’t recover it (100 xp)
    • Pay Senna covering the deposit, return to Teera (-50 gold)
    • Kill Zelma after she picks our pocket (500 xp, 139 gold)
      • Pay Senna, return to Teera (-50 gold)

Return to Teera outside of Ducal Palace.

Senna and her bodyguard.


Officer Vida and Tanorm.png

Officer Vida struggles to maintain order.

Tanorm and other refugees are fighting and causing a commotion in the streets. Officer Vida has made the collars but needs help. I should go to the Flaming Fist headquarters for reinforcements.

Help Officer Vida by requesting backup from Officer Jenks at Flaming Fist Headquarters. Return once we’ve talked with Vida’s superior to inform her they will be sending help as soon as possible (500 xp).

Chapter Seven Intro

Flaming Fist Headquarters

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