You must gather your party before venturing forth…

Before we begin, a quick word…

This is a loving chronicle to the Siege of Dragonspear and is more walkthrough than a strategy guide. I describe my playstyle as being somewhere between ‘filthy casual‘ and ‘meta-gamer‘ with a healthy dose of ‘role player.’ It is the story that intrigues me the most about the Baldur’s Gate series. To that end, I attempt to compile all of the dialogue and storylines throughout the journey.

I include all the shiny new weapons, equipment, and accessories of Siege of Dragonspear in addition to some old favorites from Baldur’s Gate. While I share that information, I am not concerned with rewards beyond unique gear, quest items, and experience (sometimes gold). Common +1 items, miscellaneous gems, wands, and the like are not included. This is an invitation to explore the dialogues, bookshelves, drawers, barrels, and hidden stashes throughout the game for the loot you desire.

I hope you enjoy it.


Siege of Dragonspear Intro