How to enable the Console in-game

Console Baldur.lua

Find your Baldur.lua file.

Debug Mode.png

Open Baldur.lua, insert SetPrivateProfileString(‘Program Options’,’Debug Mode’,’1′) in the Program Options & save the file.

Command Console.png

Ctrl (Control) + SPACE opens the Console.

Command Console Options

    • Gives the ability to visit any area in the game with the click of a button.
    • Set to give 1,000,000 gold, but can be adjusted.
    • Set to 500,000 (SoD xp cap), but can be adjusted.
    • Removes all fog of war revealing the entire area map.
    • Clicking on Godbow will place this weapon in your inventory. Any class can equip it. The overpowered bow trivializes any challenge the game presents. You’ve been warned.

Do I want 99 damage or 99 damage per hit?

Console codes.png

Console item codes are located underneath their respective items (i.e. [BDHAMM02] ).

Command Code.png

Opening the Console will create a field under the dialog box we can type in. The red diamond on the right opens recently used codes.

CreateItem is the most common line we will use.

  • Ctrl + Space to open the Console
  • Click in the field beneath the dialog box
  • Type the case-sensitive code minus the brackets between the parentheses
    • (Example) C:CreateItem(“BELT02”)
      • Hit return/enter and the item will be in your inventory
  • If you want an item with multiple charges, add the following code
    • (Example) C:CreateItem(“BDMISC01”,20)
    • This will give you the Spectacles of Spectacle with 20 charges
      • You can do this with any item that has a charge/stack/etc
Console Code Charges.png

20 charges are plenty, by the way.

Editor’s Note: There are more commands and cheat keys, but I use them so infrequently I won’t be adding them to this tutorial. For more information, explore Mike’s RPG Center.