Signs of the crusade’s recent presence can be seen on the road to Dragonspear Castle, but the Shining Lady’s actual servants are rarely encountered. The few crusaders you spy in the distance invariably retreat at the first opportunity.

As the march wears on, fatigue grips your company. Tempers flare within the caravan. Your reputation as the hero of Baldur’s Gate protects you from the petty squabbles and angry outbursts… or perhaps, after what happened on Boareskyr Bridge, there is another reason few are willing to cross you.

These thoughts are put aside when you see banners of Waterdeep, Daggerford, and the Flaming Fist at the edge of the coalition’s siege camp. Dragonspear castle is near, and so is Caelar’s day of reckoning.

chapter ten intro caelar ashatiel.png

Caelar ponders why CHARNAME continues to fight against the crusade instead of joining (perhaps because we don’t have a choice)…

Caelar Ashatiel

Editor’s Note: According to to the Forgotten Realms Wikia, Adras Ashatiel’s brother Arran was killed under the orders of Sarevok. She joined the crusade to seek revenge, but since we’ve already killed Sarevok, apparently any Bhaalspawn will do. 

Chapter Ten Intro