Korlasz is defeated, and the last of Sarevok’s influence died with her. Your foster father, Gorion, has been avenged. With the exception of your friend Imoen, those who helped you thwart your half-brother’s schemes drift away from you, returning to their lives. For the first time since you left Candlekeep, you have the opportunity to reflect on the astonishing turns your life has taken.

Though you are fêted by the rulers of Baldur’s Gate, a sense of unease plagues you. You can’t help but hear the rumors, the whispers that you share the same dark blood as Sarevok. Some hint that you killed your half-brother not for the good of the city, but so you could usurp his place and his power. For the moment, however, your persecutors’ voices are drowned out by an ever-growing number of others with more immediate concerns.

Every day, more refugees driven from their homes by the servants of Caelar Argent arrive at the city gates. Many have stories of the Shining Lady’s grace; all have tales of her followers’ wrath.

A tenday after Korlasz’s defeat, you retire to your chamber in the Ducal Palace, your thought’s troubled. You wonder what effect Caelar’s crusade will have on Baldur’s Gate, little knowing how close at hand the answer is…

Chapter Seven Intro