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Siege of Dragonspear Intro

Only weeks ago, the malevolent Sarevok brought the city of Baldur’s Gate to the edge of destruction. You, like him, are a child of Bhaal the dead god of murder. Bhaal foresaw his own death and sired mortal children in an effort to bring about his return. Sarevok intended to become the new Lord of Murder. You put an end to Sarevok’s plans and slew your half-brother. With his passing, you became known as the hero of Baldur’s Gate.

Quick Capture & the Promise of Grim Deeds to Come…

Your eyes burn as a thin acrid mist rises from the ground and envelopes you. Your mind clouds, shattered figures strike and fade away. Your companion’s cries echo in your skull and the world around you fades to grey…

Skie Silvershield’s Demise

Rise. It is time. You know what you must do. Embrace the darkness coiling within you. Take the dagger… kill her. Take it! Even now you resist, you are more powerful than I thought. All that I truly require is your presence…

Vision of Bhaal

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