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Disturbing Implications

Return From Avernus

Basalt Tower Roof


Troll Cave

Repository of Undeath

Embarking From Baldur’s Gate

Faces of Good and Evil

Faces of good and evil.png
New Portrait Pack available on Steam for $1.99

These new portraits by Kieran Yanner came out in August, three male, three female. None of them speak, “it’s time for another playthrough” but I will likely end up buying them to support the artist.



New Site Migration

*Casts Stoneskin*


8/27/2020: SO CLOSE to finishing Chapter 10. Adding lots more pictures, page jumps, and other quality of life elements to make this walkthrough a more enjoyable experience. Then…another play through to make the rest of the site congruent with the current updates. You know…4+ years and at least 3 iterations of this site…we might just finish this bad boy!

8/18/2020: We’ve cast a teleportation spell that now has us located at www.siegeofdragonspear.blog

Update your bookmarks and we’ll see you on the Sword Coast.


Avernus Elevator

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