Siege of Dragonspear’s epilogue, unbeknownst to some, can go a couple of different ways depending on how we managed to navigate our playthrough. Here we’ll break down exactly what requirements are needed to assure us the outcome we’re after.

Venture forth if you’re willing to reveal all the SPOILER goodness.

After saving the city of Baldur’s Gate twice we find ourselves in a precarious position during the falling action as Siege of Dragonspear comes to a close. Skie is dead, stabbed with the Soultaker Dagger, presumably by our hand. We will eventually face the music after being paraded through the streets for The Trial in front of the Flaming Fist headquarters. Duke Belt will ask us if we have anything to say in our defense and this is the moment we can trigger one of two endings; Exile or Escape from Baldur’s Gate.

To have control over which end we want is determined by various global triggers throughout the playthrough. We need either three Hero or Villain points described below. If the triggers are met, the options will be selectable during the trial with Duke Belt. If we missed these moments in the game the options will not be available.

Exile ending for Heroes:

  • If CHARNAME’s class is any good-aligned Paladin (Paladin, Cavalier, Inquisitor, or Undead Hunter).
  • If we released Madele and instructed her to repent while in the Temple of Cyric.
  • If we attacked the crusade and saved Bridgefort (Note this does NOT include surrendering Bridgefort).
  • If we cured the soldiers in [The Uncommon Cold] quest in the coalition camp.
  • If we flatly refused Torsin de Lancie’s request to poison the crusaders.
  • If we wager our own soul instead of one of our companions during [Thrix’s Wager] in Avernus.
  • If we ended Siege of Dragonspear with a reputation greater than 17.

Exile ending for Villains:

  • If CHARNAME’s class is a Blackguard.
  • If we admitted to being a Bhaalspawn when embarking from Baldur’s Gate at the end of Chapter Seven.
  • If we released Madele and instructed her to commit acts in the name of Bhaal while in the Temple of Cyric.
  • If we betrayed Bridgefort by lowering the drawbridge (NOTE: This is NOT surrendering).
  • If we accuse the wrong person in [The Traitor] quest in the coalition camp.
  • If we poisoned either of the crusader supplies (food or water) in Dragonspear Castle’s basement.
  • If we wager a companion’s soul and lose [Thrix’s Wager].
  • If we ended Siege of Dragonspear with a reputation less than 5.

Essentially what we’re doing here is presenting either three exhibits of good/hero or evil/villain behavior. Presenting three hero points will convince the Dukes (minus Entar Silvershield of course) that we did not commit the crime. We can also present three villain points and while the same Dukes aren’t thrilled, they concede if we actually committed the crime we’d have no trouble admitting it.

If we are unable to present three points in either category or we simply don’t speak in our defense, the Escape ending is triggered. So we can have all the requirements to trigger the Exile ending and still elect to go down the path of the Escape ending.

Now I know that some of you, those of the cleric persuasion, are saying “Enilwyn, I can’t even use edged weapons!” Sadly, this was not an option when I attempted to point out a dagger was the cause of Skie’s death. I was hoping for a moment when everyone realizes…”oh my gosh, what were we thinking? Of course, you couldn’t have done it.” Perhaps in a future mod…

Editor’s Note: This information was originally compiled and verified by a member of the Beamdog team, I believe community manager, Julius Borisov. I have been able to replicate these conditions and decided to present this information as I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else on the web (including where it was originally posted on the official forums).