A friendly face greets us upon leaving the subterranean lake cavern.

Escape from Baldur’s Gate [It Wasn’t Me]

We are finally reunited with our childhood friend, believing Imoen is responsible for our escape. The feeling that we should be leaving Baldur’s Gate well behind us is overridden by the desire to clear our name and find the Hooded Man responsible for our recent misfortunes. We head southeast to meet up with the companions willing to assist us.

For some strange reason our companions are wearing rags instead of the sweet, sweet loot we’ve accumulated throughout our travels.

We find the canon companions in a clearing just southwest of where we exited the cave. Besides Imoen, no one truly believes our innocence. Minsc and Dynaheir insinuate they wouldn’t be here to help us if it weren’t for Imoen’s passionate support. Jaheira and Khalid even question their vow to Gorion that they would watch over us, both having doubts about our actions.

It is here we can learn Imoen isn’t the architect of our escape. With little besides more questions, standing still is not an available option for our group. We aim to put as much distance between us and Baldur’s Gate as possible; the only direction is forward.

Exile from Baldur’s Gate [It Wasn’t Me]

Imoen was given the option to send a messenger to inform us she knew of our safety if she wanted to keep training her mage abilities with Duke Jannath. She wouldn’t hear of it and came to meet us in person upon our exile from Baldur’s Gate. Now we head southeast and meet up with our remaining companions.

Upon exile, our companions will have a much more favorable reaction to reuniting with us. It’s time to put as much distance between us and Duke Silvershield as possible.

Some time after leaving Baldur’s Gate, Imoen and Khalid believe a spell of rest is in order. In a forest clearing, the group catches their collective breath while a thick cloud of mist coalesces around the group in what would turn out to be a precursor to our quick capture and a promise of grim deeds to come…

Chapter Thirteen Intro