[It Wasn’t Me]

After a short rest, we wake to see Duke Belt and a Flaming Fist mercenary outside of our cell. What comes next is not exoneration, but a lamentation that the slayer of Sarevok and the champion of Dragonspear do not meet their end now, after all that we’ve done for the city of Baldur’s Gate. Dukes Eltan, Liia Jannath, and Belt have decided that we should leave the city as quietly as possible, and take our dark heritage with us never to return. We’re given the opportunity of exile and it’s the only option besides death.

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[It Wasn’t Me]

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The mercenary will instruct us to gather our belongings then make for the trapdoor leading beneath the Flaming Fist Headquarters.

We’ll be given an escort out of the city once we’ve had a chance to collect our belongings. We find out just how divided even the Flaming Fist is regarding our actions. Some will claim we’re no better than Sarevok, while others will say the loss of Skie is a small price to pay for all the good we’ve done in toppling the Iron Throne and Caelar’s crusade.

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Flaming Fist Headquarters Basement

The mercenary will show us a way out through the sewers to put us on the outskirts of the city before the public realizes we’re gone. There’s nothing worth bothering to stop and pick up in any of the barrels and chests.

[It Wasn’t Me]

The Flaming Fist mercenary will escort us through the sewers and see us one step from freedom.

We’re to leave the city of Baldur’s Gate and never return. Duke Entar Silvershield cares nothing of our past deeds even though they were enough to convince the other Grand Dukes we were not responsible for Skie’s death.

The mercenary will bid us farewell. Depending on how we respond he’ll either tell us a personal story we’ve played a part in or warn us Entar will stop at nothing to bring us to justice.

There is a small hidden cache on the eastern end of the cavern that can be accessed with a Knock spell.

Down the stone stairs on the western end of the caverns is our way out of Baldur’s Gate.

Chapter Thirteen Intro