[It Wasn’t Me]

Only the hardcore sleep on the floor.

We’re startled out of our sleep by a mysterious thief. He says he’s here to break us out of jail and that our friend Imoen has cut a deal to make this happen. In no mood to linger about, the thief tells us to gather whatever gear the Flaming Fist haven’t pilfered and meet him in the basement. He throws a Potion of Invisibility at us and heads for the trap door in the main chamber.

[It Wasn’t Me]

Slain mercenaries of the Flaming Fist litter the common room as we scramble to equip our gear laid out on one of the tables.

The thief stands over an open trap door and tells us there’s a secret tunnel we can use to escape. Ignoring that feeling telling us none of this adds up and we’re making a terrible mistake, we follow the thief down the trap door.

Flaming Fist Headquarters Basement

The thief will show us the secret passage to the sewers and tell us there’s a waterfall to the east that leads to a lake in the cavern below. Imoen will be waiting for us at the cave entrance. There’s nothing worth bothering to stop and pick up in any of the barrels and chests.

Secret Tunnel

[The Not So Great Escape]

Judging by the graying flesh and the ragged bits of cloth wrapped around this body, it’s been a long time since this person died down here.

What’s one more quest when you’re running from a duke that wants you dead? By this point, we have a long history of finding bodies in the Baldur’s Gate sewers. This particular body holds a Damp Note and a Rusty Key which indicates there may be a hidden cache of useful items in the area.

The Flaming Fist must know by now we’ve slipped out of our cell and are making a run for it as they search the tunnels to prevent us from escaping.

As we make our way through the secret tunnel in search of the eastern waterfall we will encounter more Flaming Fist mercenaries. Continue to look for the water flowing southward as it will lead us to the cavern lake below and a reunion with our old friend, Imoen.

[It Wasn’t Me]

It never ends with these two…

There’s only one way to escape the Flaming Fist and see ourselves safely out Baldur’s Gate; over the waterfall. As we approach the waterfall a mini-cutscene is initiated and we’re confronted by Corwin and Bence Duncan.

  • Surrender and Bence will snap insisting it’s not enough and that we must die in the name of Skie Silvershield. Mages will be alerted to ward off the exit to the cavern. Corwin will tell us to run and escape over the waterfall into the cavern below as she holds off Bence and mercenaries.
    • Bence Duncan (1400 xp)
  • Stand our ground and solo Corwin and Bence along with their immediate backup. Mages will arrive and ward off the path we came from leaving us two options; fighting or fleeing over the waterfall.
    • Corwin (3000 xp)
    • Bence Duncan (1400 xp)
  • RUN!!! Make for the waterfall and once we’re close to the edge we’ll jump, washing up on the bank of the lake below.
  • Use an invisibility spell or the Potion of Invisibility the mysterious thief gave us. The scene will initiate but dialogue won’t start unless we come out of the shadows allowing us to completely bypass any confrontation.
The tunnel ends abruptly, the stream of filth flowing through it and out into emptiness, tumbling through the space before sleeping the dark waters of the subterranean lake below.

Once we’ve headed over the falls the only thing between us and freedom will be a few inconsequential jellies and carrion crawlers. Head west to the cavern exit and rendezvous with Imoen. But first, one more quest, eh!?

[The Not So Great Escape]

A small hidden door in the rock has a keyhole in it.

Mere meters from where we surfaced after jumping off of the waterfall we find the hidden cache mentioned in the Damp Note. Use the Rusty Key or a Knock spell if we missed the items alluding to this spot (misc. potions and scrolls).

Chapter Thirteen Intro