Thick iron bars keep these cells secure. Within, scratches and claw marks on the wall indicate the passage of time.

Editor’s Note: I had the (mis)fortune of romancing Corwin during this play through. I can’t remember if she shows up with or without the romance and I’ve decided to omit the interaction for now.

[Disturbing Implications]


There’s little doubt that the Hooded Man is behind us being framed for the death of Skie Silvershield. He appears to come and go as he pleases unimpeded by the Flaming Fist or any other authority. He has been in control this entire time and our unfamiliarity with our latent powers continues to force these perilous situations upon us time and time again. What does he know? How does he know it? And why is he so confident our journey won’t end in this cell…?

After losing consciousness we’re shown the vision of Skie Silvershield’s Demise. We’re taken back to that fateful night at Dragonspear Castle after the closing of the portal to Avernus. We see the Hooded Man enter, commanding us to rise. A paralyzed Skie Silvershield stands motionless in the center of the main hall. We’re instructed to take the Soultaker Dagger and strike down Entar Silvershield’s daughter…but we resist. Over time our powers associated with being a Bhaalspawn have grown, unbeknownst to us. Unfortunately, our mere presence is enough of an indictment to frame us for her death as the Hooded Man inflicts the killing blow, trapping Skie’s essence within the dagger.

[It Wasn’t Me]

We now know we are not responsible for Skie’s death, but we’ve little recourse stuck in a cell with next to no real information to prove our innocence. Now all that remains is how we’re going to get out of here. Our next visitor will determine whether or not we’ll be leaving by way of escape…or exile.

Chapter Thirteen Intro