The celebrations last long into the night. Between the feasting and the drinking, you hardly have time to shake hands with all those who want to thank the Hero of Baldur’s Gate and savior of Dragonspear. One by one, the celebrants stagger into the reclaimed castle to find a place to rest. It is the wee hours of the morning when you climb into your bedroll, falling instantly into a deep sleep.

[Disturbing Implications]

We wake from our sleep to find Skie and the Hooded Man in the main hall.

The Hooded Man has been keeping tabs on CHARNAME and Caelar Argent all throughout our journey, attempting to determine which of us would best suit the needs of his…experiments. With Caelar in Avernus we’ve become the choice by default and he is ready to make his move.

Expertly pulling the puppet strings, the Hooded Man has already choreographed our fall from grace and it involves Duke Entar Silvershield’s daughter Skie. The underlying theme he continues to drive home is that we cannot avoid our destiny. To do so would result in our doom; which is exactly what befalls Skie.

After a brief incantation, Skie is transformed into an Unknowable Horror. Walls of fire rise up around the room blocking all the exits. Fire at our back, nowhere to run, and this…monster bearing down on us gives little choice but to fight or die. A single hit and the monster vanishes. After the struggle, we promptly fade from consciousness.

Bence Duncan

As we regain consciousness we hear Bence Duncan’s wails as Skie Silvershield, his charge to protect lies dead on the floor. The room gradually fills with our companions, several soldiers, and the Hooded Man. His machinations playing out just as he planned.

Our situation is grim; the daughter of a Grand Duke lies dead; our hands soiled with her blood. With this incriminating evidence, the only conclusion to be drawn at the moment is to be taken into custody and transported back to Baldur’s Gate to stand trial. Our companion’s objections fall on deaf ears…

The Hooded Man goes almost unnoticed amongst the commotion.

Chapter Thirteen begins…

Chapter Twelve Intro