Dragonspear Castle Basement

We’re back. Possibly with Aun, definitely without Caelar. If we were able to save (or spare) Darnas, he greets us upon his return.

  • Darnas: We would have never survived Avernus but for you and your friend. I owe you a debt I shall never be able to repay.
  • Aun Argent: The gate is sealed and Caelar…she had done what she must. It’s strange to be in the world again. I must put my life back together.
  • Corwin: It’s done. Thank the gods!
  • Dynaheir: The rift ‘twixt the worlds is closed.
  • Minsc: We are home, Boo!
  • Neera: Nowhere to go but up.

The key taken from Caelar easily opens the vault doors. The doors creak open, releasing you from confinement.

Torsin de Lancie, Bence Duncan, and a squad of soldiers are relieved to find us on the other side of the vault doors and not a legion from Avernus. So much has happened but there’s little to say, especially since we were unable to bring Caelar back to stand trial. After receiving three cheers for saving the day we are welcomed to celebrate with those present. When we’re done Sergeant Dazzo at the stairs leading up to the main floor will show us to our sleeping quarters.

Rayphus and the good crowd.

Depending on how you like to party, you can find Pfaug in Hephernaan’s former chambers or Rayphus across from the vault with the NPCs not currently in our group. They all have their thoughts on how these events have played out. Speaking with Pfaug and Rayphus will elicit further reactions from these familiar faces.

Pfaug and the Evil-doers.

“The torsin (sic) told me I should escort you to your sleeping area. Just let me know when you’re ready to go.”

When we’ve had our fill of revelry, speak with Sergeant Dazzo and head upstairs to turn in for the night.

Chapter Twelve Intro