Basalt Tower Platform

The screams of the damned are muted within the Basalt Tower, but the maggot stench of the place nearly overwhelms you. With every breath, it slithers into your body, its barbed tendrils raking your lungs.

Giant maggots writhe over each other, eternally searching for the corruption and the rot that sustains them.

Xhost [Zaviak’s Vision Quest]

“WHAT-? A mortal dares attack me here? Your hubris as delivered you to your destruction!”

If we have any remaining Spectacles of Spectacle charges we are able to pull in a glabrezu, Xhost, who is immediately hostile. Shouldn’t we have learned not to mess with these glasses by now? Lay the beat down on thick and it will relent.

  • The demon is surprisingly pleased to find itself out of the Abyss and in Avernus, the realm of its hated rival, the devils. He gifts us a blade that seems too good to be true…(Gift of the Demon +5)
  • Xhost (12000 xp)

Editor’s Note: The nature of this blade has changed over the patches. Five charges appear on the item’s tooltip. It now appears to give you five THAC0 +5 attacks, misses count toward the charges. Once the five charges are spent the character will switch to another weapon. The sword is now a Gift of the Demon +1. Switching back to this weapon will prohibit you from making any other weapon changes until a Remove Curse spell is cast on the user.

At long last, we are about to have the answers to our most burning questions revealed. Now is the time to ensure that we have our potions ready, weapons, and our minds refreshed. Make sure to rest NOW for when we reach the top of this tower we will need every possible advantage to survive.

The top of this tower will be Siege of Dragonspear’s climax. The final challenge will require +3 weapons to be able to hit our foe. In addition, there is an option available to us that can drastically alter how we approach this final battle which will be revealed by highlighting the text below.

There are several ways we can approach this fight, but the potential spoiler here is that we can invite Caelar Argent to fight either alongside or with our party. The latter option requires us to make an open spot for her to join prior to reaching the top of the Basalt Tower.

You must gather your party before venturing forth…

Chapter Twelve Intro