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Avernus Elevator

Avernus Elevator
Basalt Tower Lift

In the center of the Basalt Tower, and iron lattice hangs over a shadowy abyss. Four massive chains at the corners of the grate lead upward into the darkness above as ominous, or more so than the one below.

The elevator slowly rises upward to the roof of the basalt tower. Our companions pass the time between defeating fiends by reflecting on our journey. Now would be a good time to do one last gear check.

  • Dorn: This tower will crumble beneath the might of Il-Khan! Assuming we ever escape this infernal shaft…
  • Safana: Nowhere to go but up? That would make for a pleasant change of pace.
  • Minsc: My toes are hungry. They need more evil butts to kick!
  • Dynaheir: I hope thou art not delivering us unto our doom…
  • Glint: Are we there yet? Come on, COME ON…Cloakshadow’s cloak’s shadow…I am SO BORED…
  • Jaheira: Soon we will see an end to all this.
  • Khalid: I almost d-don’t want this ride to end. B-because I don’t see it ending w-w-well.
  • Corwin: Everyone stay alert. We don’t know what we’re heading into.
  • Neera: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THE GODS, I’m tired of feeling helpless.
  • M’Khiin: Floor’s moving. Floors shouldn’t move.

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Avernus Interior


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  1. Hi. What’s your difficult mode? I cant kill Belhifet in insane difficult. I kill him in difficult normal.
    Thank u

    • For the purpose of this walkthrough I have been doing Core Rules. In my next post Belhifet gets put on a slab. I haven’t done strategy for it yet, but the answer to anything in this game is usually to come loaded with buffs and potions.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Crideas Bane

    Voghiln’s quote: “From the pit of Hell, we rise up to find Caelar Argent. This will make a wunderbar verse for mine epic poem of the rise and fall of the Shining Lady.

  3. Crideas Bane

    Viconia: “Shar, I beg you, look down upon your humble servant and protect her…”

    Rasaad: “What other horrors await us in this damnable place?”

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