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Avernus Bridge

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Nothing will convince Caelar to turn back. What could possibly be so important that she would risk everything to pursue Hephernaan?

We traverse a short bridge as we march towards the basalt tower and find that Caelar has gone off the deep end and is past the point of no return. Her remaining few followers attempt to talk sense to her to no avail. Any peaceful resolution, if there ever was one, is gone…

Thrix the Profane [Thrix’s Wager]

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That’s quite the entrance buddy. That means danger, right? Yeah, we’re in danger.

Thrix, a cornugon, guards the massive door to the basalt tower. His master apparently doesn’t want to stop us, but merely delay us so we can’t interfere with its plan for Caelar. He will summon a group of fiends to occupy us and see what we’re made of, destroy them. The group will yield a combined 34120 xp.

The lemure is worth a mighty 12o xp, >.<

Impressed after we have destroyed the wave of fiends Thrix tells us he grows weary of serving his master, especially after the ordeal with Crenshinibon (ringing any bells?). He tells us that he might let us pass if he believes we could slay his master.

Since nothing comes free in the Nine Hells, Thrix proposes a wager for one of three items that may aid us in fighting his master. If we win, we pick one of the items. If we lose, Thrix will take one of our companions for his collection to torment. Since it’s the Nine Hells and devils like to play games…you guessed it…it’s a riddle…

  • [*Villain] Allow one of our companions to be wagered
  • [*Hero] Offer our own soul
  • We can refuse and Thrix will summon more fiends before teleporting away and we’ll miss out on the gear

Editor’s note: *This decision will have an impact on SoD’s epilogue.

What makes you think it’s MURRRRDERRRR?! (highlight for answer)

Answer correctly, we’ll get to choose one of three powerful items.

If we lose, our companion’s (or CHARNAME’s) soul is marked by Thrix and he will collect when they meet their end. Win or lose, the path into the tower is now open.

If we feel that the items on offer aren’t of use, a boatload of xp is never a bad alternative.

If we want to try and end Thrix (10000 xp) for delaying us we will need to attack him while the other fiends are about during the first wave he summons. He will summon even MORE fiends for a grand total of 79620 xp!!!

Thrix’s Fury

Devil’s don’t like it when you won’t follow the rules, or refuse to play their games.

After the first wave of fiends, if we threaten/anger Thrix he will summon more fiends for an additional 40000 & 47240 xp and he will teleport away. We can now move forward into the tower, we will miss out on the powerful items on offer.

Chapter Twelve Intro