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The Siege of Dragonspear Castle

Dragonspear Castle Exterior, The Siege

We FINALLY arrive back at Dragonspear Castle as Caelar’s crusade retreats back to the fortifications of the keep for our final showdown (20000 quest xp).

The entrance to the castle is warded by a powerful magical barrier. Torsin de Lancie will ask us how we fared on our mission underneath the castle.

Edwin notes that his former traveling companion Ahdzekharrin, another Red Wizard of Thay has prepared the incantation blocking our entrance to the castle. If we placed the Barrel of Bwoosh! in the Underground River, we can detonate it to gain entrance.

  • If we poisoned the crusader supplies, we’ll face a weakened enemy.
  • If we placed the Barrel of Bwoosh! we can destroy the magical barrier.
BWOOSH! Explosions are just prettier at night, wouldn’t you agree?
  • If we DID NOT place the Barrel of Bwoosh! we must find a new way inside.
    • Travel east and help Phossey Dugdeep, Lugg, and Almur clear out the enemy archers so she can blow a hole in the castle exterior.

Gnarg Big-Bug [The Siege of Dragonspear]

The password is ‘password.’

 Gnarg Big-Bug greats us after we’ve created a DIY door out of the castle rampart. Once we defeat his group of mercenaries the trolls from the pen behind them will plead for us to release them.

  • Gnarg Big-Bug (3000 xp)
Free the trolls and watch them wreak havoc on the unsuspecting crusaders.

Held Moran [The Catapult]

Properly positioned, this recently repaired catapult could inflict serious damage upon Caelar’s enemies.

After we breach the eastern castle walls with Phossey Dugdeep and clear the courtyard with the troll pen we can trick Held Moran into thinking the castle gates have been breached as well. We pressure him into firing on the castle gate to provide another point of entry and flank the crusaders.

The Crusaders [The Siege of Dragonspear]

Do…do we hang back and watch? Nah….

The decisions we’ve made up until this point will determine the composition of the army we meet at the Siege of Dragonspear. Below are a handful of crusaders worth looting in case our previous choices did not provide an opportunity until now. The rest have common or inconsequential items.

The Coalition [The Siege of Dragonspear]

(Don’t look at me like that! I know you were curious too *snicker*…)

In the rear of our formation, just off Torsin de Lancie’s flank, is the mage Dahk Hensleigh. He’s a level 16 Invoker and should he fall in the battle he wears the only piece of gear we would consider equipping on one of our group. We likely have one by now but it is the closest thing to a worthy item I’ve seen on a coalition member during the siege.

Adras Ashatiel [The Siege of Dragonspear]

Ashatiel arrives on the battle field and commands the crusaders to stand down.

She and her party teleport in as we make our way through the outer courtyard. She challenges CHARNAME to a 1-on-1 duel; no interference from our allies, no hiding from sight like a coward. We can choose to accept her challenge or deny her the opportunity. Either way, defeating Ashetiel will see the vast majority of the crusaders retreat back to the keep. With Caelar’s general out of the way we can advance on Dragonspear Castle.

  • Accept…
    • Ashatiel (5000 xp, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Golden Girdle, Mace +2, Ring of Free Action, Small Shield +2)
      • “Know that I bear you no ill will.”
      • “You must die for the greater good.”
      • “Caelar’s light shines upon me, and it will strike you down!”
      • “You fight well. But this is a battle you cannot win.”
      • “Caelar, I beg you, give me the strength to strike this heretic down!”
      • “Curse you, why won’t you fall?”
      • “No! I stand in the light! I cannot be defeated!”
  • Decline…more MAAAAYYHEM!!! Defeat Ashatiel and the crusade will retreat
    • Ashatiel will retreat to the west behind a large group of crusaders (5000 xp, Golden Girdle, Ring of Free Action)
    • Balvin Steadyhand (2000 xp)
    • Marius of Tethyr (2000 xp)
    • Sarginson (3000 xp)
    • Small Kimble (3000 xp)
    • Wormgums (2000 xp)
    • Zoe Kryn (2000 xp

Thasz, Axe Poet, Alexandria, Dram, Bluebeard, & Chloe

Thief, Chloe, not pictured for obvious reasons.

In the northwestern area are a party of crusaders who have no intentions of running…

  • Alexandria (4000 xp)
  • Axe Poet (3000 xp)
  • Bluebeard (3000 xp)
  • Chloe (5000 xp)
  • Dram (4000 xp)
  • Thasz (3000 xp)

Urold & the Prisoners

Just north of Thasz & Co. we see a couple of dogs and Therli from the Underground River guarding prisoners. Eliminating the guard will allow us to have a conversation with Urold who asks us about a Tempus priest named Mizhena.

  • Unfortunately, my only option was to say I didn’t know of Mizhena (5000 xp)

Editor’s Note: A commenter mentioned there’s an amazing reward for completing this quest via a different outcome. Speaking with Mizhena in the courtyard of Dragonspear Castle did not trigger additional options. Perhaps I need to speak with her at the various stops along our march?

Caelar Argent [The Siege of Dragonspear]

…you haven’t exactly been a great friend either…

As we come to the gate to the inner courtyard we are met by Caelar. She and CHARNAME say their piece. The castle and her army in tatters all around her, she will remain delusional right up until the very end.

Does Caelar truly believe she can save these people? Is her rationale for all of the damage she’s done to the Sword Coast that she can just enter Avernus with and army and bring everyone back?

Torsin de Lancie will tell us Caelar and her forces are trapped inside the castle and it is time to finish the job. Continue on once you have sufficiently looted the battlefield.

Chapter Eleven Intro


Allied Siege Camp


Dragonspear Castle Keep, First Floor


  1. After the battle Mizhena asks you to save her father who is being kept prisoner at the north of the map. Just kill a few minor enemies to save him and get 2500 quest xp + morning star + 3 which has 10% to cast chant on hit

  2. Thank you for the comment!

    This game has been through a lot with the critics, but I am amazed at how expansive it is and all its details for what is basically a filler expansion. I can’t wait for my next playthrough to try and find all these things myself. Thanks again!

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