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Dragonspear Castle Keep, First Floor

Dragonspear Castle, First Floor


There’s not much to do here other than load up supplies with Belegarm. It’s amazing we’ve made it this far with the type of provisions the quartermaster supplies, but we will benefit from the potions that give us giant-like strength, improve our saving throws, and…we’re going to hell…there’s gonna be fire…

[Spoils of War]

On our arrival inside the keep, we can overhear a Waterhavian soldier say “Hey, save some of the treasure for me!” Following him into a small treasure room just beyond Belegarm he meats up with a Flaming Fist mercenary and one of the Daggerford militia. They appear to be dividing the treasure amongst themselves instead of chasing down Caelar’s remaining forces.

  • Say looting is against the conventions of war OR is a dishonorable act. A Flaming Fist officer will come in and reprimand the group, they’ll drop the loot and return to their duties (1000 xp)
  • Say we’d like to participate, they won’t want to give us a share and tell us we have better things to do (true, in all fairness)…
    • [Cha] “…you’ll give me one anyway if you want to keep your activities secret.” (500 xp)
    • [Str] “…do something about it and see what it gets you.” (500 xp)

Editor’s Note: The militia member will drop a Golden Goblet, which isn’t worth much and doesn’t seem to serve any other purpose. We will want to pick up the two Potions of Storm Giant Strength and bundle of Arrows +3 from the locked chests.

Special thanks to drablj in the comments for mentioning this quest.

[My Missed Fortune]

These chests and trunks are all but empty, their contents likely taken by looters among your allies’ ranks.

In the southern end of this floor of the keep is another treasure room that appears to be mostly looted. Make sure we grab the handful of valuable potions left in this room. There are no signs of our fortune that Ophyllis lost again and again…and again…

Editor’s Note: It appears the remaining bit of our fortune is gone and there’s no longer an apology note from Ophyllis.

Skie [Skie’s Grand Plan]


Skie couldn’t handle a direction as simple as “walk back to the camp” and ended up on the custodial staff of the crusade. Luckily she provides more context to the current situation. When we are finished exploring the first floor, gather the party and head down to Dragonspear Castle Basement.

Chapter Eleven Intro


The Siege of Dragonspear Castle


Dragonspear Castle Basement


  1. drablj

    on this level you can talk to some soldiers/looters and get the quest to stop them (spoils of war). when you find an officer, he stops them and you get 1000 xp.

  2. Alex

    I didn’t have Skie on this floor, but i did have my 300k GP in the chest. It’s on the south part of the room you named [My Missed Fortune]

    • Enilwyn Rakingclaw

      That’s strange. I may wait until the final patch comes out to update this, but yeah. No note. No gold (worthless at this point anyway). And…yeah…Skie… ;-p

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