Dragsonspear Castle Basement

Bence Duncan [The Vault]

Bence Duncan believes we have Caelar cornered.

Once we arrive in the castle basement, if we haven’t already, pick up the Bolts +3 & Bullets +3. Don’t use them! Put them somewhere safe for now.

When we’re ready, speak with Bence Duncan.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.50.12 AM
Caelar’s single-mindedness has blinded her to the possibility of being betrayed. Not everyone believes…

At this point, we perhaps think we are finally heading for a showdown with Caelar and what is left of her crusade. Hephernaan has had ulterior motives all along. We know he answers to an unseen master. He uses his magic to ensnare our party…as well as Caelar and her troops.

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Hephernaan’s treachery revealed.

Once we are rendered helpless, CHARNAME is struck by Hephernaan and with our blood, he opens a portal to The Nine Hells. Bence Duncan has little choice but to seal our party in the ritual chamber to prevent a legion of devils from storming into The Prime Material Plane.

Caelar Argent [Important Events]

Devils will start to come through the portal if we linger too long.

Dragonspear Castle is secure…for now. Caelar’s plans have gone horribly wrong and she now chases after Hephernaan through the portal to Avernus. We have no idea what is on the other side, only that we have no choice but to venture forth and find a way to seal the portal between the two planes.

Chapter Twelve begins…

Chapter Eleven Intro