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The magma covered fields stretch away into smoke-shrouded wastelands. Beyond a battered bridge in the distance, and imposing basalt tower looms.

Corpses of crusaders and devils litter these pitted stairs.


We arrive at the tail end of a crusader massacre at the hands of Illaruel and her devils. Darnas, who appears to be the lone commander, and what is left of the crusade are fighting for their lives.

We can infer from the Bloodsoaked Minutes that Hephernaan’s master is known by the moniker of, “The Destroyer of Ancient Enemies” and is part of an accord of devils. The minutes mention The Destroyer seeks a mortal soul of divine heritage for its plans. Its banishment from the Prime Material Plane has been approximately 100 years. The devil also mentions The Exile, a mortal of dire power, that can threaten even its kind! There is a concern The¬†Exile’s actions threaten their plans.


Darnas was foolish to follow Caelar Argent into the Nine Hells, if at all. In speaking with him we can see the charismatic spell Caelar casts on her followers finally fade.

  • Save Darnas & any remaining crusaders
  • Darnas (2000 xp)

Idyletia [Zaviak’s Vision Quest]

With the Spectacles of Spectacles we are able to pull the angel Idyletia into our realm. It is less than pleased to be in the Nine Hells and will take her frustrations out on us.

  • “You see, we have these magic spectacles…”
  • Apologize
    • In both the above options, Abishai teleport in and attack us, deal with them. Idyletia believes we did act out of ignorance (she clearly doesn’t have a good read on us…) and spares us after she warns not to tamper further with forces beyond our understanding.
      • Red Abishai (9000 xp)
      • Green Abishai (8000 xp)
  • Insult her, she turns hostile (15000 xp)

Chapter Twelve Intro