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Dragonspear Castle Exterior

Dragonspear Castle Exerior POI

Dragonspear Castle Exterior

Skie [Skie’s Gone Missing]

Corwin skie

skie dragonspear castle.png

Skie can be found outside the southern wall of Dragonspear castle. We rescue her from some crusaders. She seems hellbent on making a name for herself to get out of her father’s shadow.

We should report back to Marshal Nederlok that she is safe.

Entering Dragonspear Castle

dragonspear castle entrance.png

Unless we can persuade them, the wardens at the castle gate will demand to see a Seal of Caelar before allowing us entry into the courtyard.

  • Present Seal of Caelar we can obtain from the Underground River.
  • [Cha] Bluff our way in by telling the guards we have information about an imminent attack and that the ‘enemy’ has the Hero of Baldur’s Gate with them (Seal of Caelar).

We can explore the Dragonspear Castle’s courtyard as long as we are cautious. Revealing we are the Hero of Baldur’s Gate or mentioning our camp (i.e. not the crusade’s camp) will result in the predictable response of the crusaders all turning hostile.

Valis & Corinth [The Trial]

the trial.png

Valis has accused Corinth of betrayal against the Shining Lady. We can offer to mediate this squabble if we choose.

  • We can interject and offer to speak with other crusaders to find out the truth.
    • Speak with RavocDelton, and Damarr.
      • Damarr has little doubt of Corinth’s guilt but believes any punishment would outweigh the crime.
      • Delton tells us Corinth had family in Innisfall, but is insistent that Corinth is innocent, though he is far from convincing.
      • Ravoc thinks Corinth is a coward and wouldn’t have the guts to betray the crusade.
  • Speak with Valis and Corinth individually.
    • Corinth is reluctant to speak to us and offers us no proof of innocence.
    • Valis is convinced of Corinth warned the town of Innisfall prior to the crusade’s arrival.
  • Recommend a trial by combat.

Inform Leopas of our judgment.

  • Say there’s not enough evidence against Corinth.
    • Speak with Corinth and he gifts us his bow.
  • Judge that Corinth is innocent, Valis dies (4000 xp).
    • Speak with Corinth and he gifts us his bow.
  • Judge that Corinth is guilty, he dies and we get his possessions (4000 xp).
  • [Cha] Judge them both guilty of conspiring to warn the people of Innisfall, they die (4000 xp).
    • Fail the check and we can still speak with Corinth and he gifts us his bow.

Reward: Corinth’s Bow +2.

Tristian [On the Fence] 


Tristian is on the eastern edge of the courtyard. We will need to obtain a Coroniir board from Mizhena at the coalition camp to challenge him.

  • Ask about the Lady of Strategy.
    • There are [Cha] checks here, but any wager of 200 gold will get him to play a game of Coroniir (Tristian’s Holy Symbol).
      • CHARNAME and Edwin/Dynaheir from my party were options to play against Tristian.
  • Ask if he knows a vigilant of Waterdeep named Halasan.
    • We can suggest he go talk to her or leave the crusade to avoid confronting her in battle and he will refuse.
    • We can ask what will happen if they meet in battle.

Battle Standard [On The Fence]

Battle standard.png

Just west of Commander Dreon is a box containing a Battle Standard.

Dreon [On The Fence]


Commander Dreon has little to say to us, especially if we are not in uniform.

  • Behind the tent Tristian is standing in front of is a crate containing a Crusader Uniform. Equip it and speak with Dreon.
    • Tell him we have a number of reports which require his seal.
      • Offer to borrow his ring and stamp the reports with his seal (Dreon’s Signet Ring).

Token of Faith [On The Fence]

Token of Faith.png

Deneld speaking to a group of recruits.

We can pickpocket crusader recruits until we find a Token of Faith.

Map [On The Fence]

annnotated map.png

The crusader map is just laying on the ground because that’s where they put their important maps. They did think enough to put a lone crusader to guard the map.

  • Say we’re stealing it, everyone turns hostile.
  • Use invisibility or stealth to steal the map.
  • Charm the crusader next to the map.
    • Snag the Annotated Map.

Return to Waizahb at the coalition camp once we have the five items she seeks.

Nan & Pedro [Morning Report]

nan pedro.png

Crusaders Nan and Pedro want us to help their friend, Sallo, who is passed out drunk. I need to get some wine and a report from Deneld and then bring both items to Commander Dreon (this also requires us to wear the Crusader Uniform).

  • Fill up the Empty Wineskin by interacting with the three barrels directly behind Nan and Pedro (Full Wineskin).
  • Speak with Deneld and tell him Commander Dreon sent us for the Morning Report.
    • Choose any other option and he won’t give you the report.
      • Speak with Deneld again and pick the option and receive the Morning Report.

Report to Dreon with the Morning Report and Full Wineskin, then speak with Nan & Pedro again (6000 xp, two potions).

Kjarvan & Qing [Foehammer’s Blessing]

qing kjarvan.png

This heavy slab displays the holy symbol of Tempus. 

Recruits Kjarvan and Qing are hoping to restore a stone icon and receive a blessing from Tempus. I should look for icon fragments in the rubble to the north and talk to Morale Officer Deneld.

  • Doubt Caelar and the two turn hostile (420 xp each).
  • Offer to help find the missing fragments.
    • Search in the rubble west of Kjarvan and Qing (First Stone Fragment).
    • Convince Denald to give us his fragment (Second Stone Fragment).
      • We need to find a priest of Tempus to bless the tablets. Mizhena back at the Coalition Camp will do the trick (Sanctified Shards).

Return to Kjarvan and Qing with the Sanctified Shards.

  • Tell them they were blessed at the camp to the south and they turn hostile.
    • Kjarvan (420 xp).
    • Qing (420 xp).
  • Tell them anything else and place the Sanctified Shards on the stone icon behind Kjarvan and Qing.
    • Accept the Voice of the Icon’s challenge and defeat the Sentry of Tempus (5000 xp + 6000 xp, The Bloodied Guardian +2).
    • Decline the trial by combat (6000 xp).

Deneld [Understanding the Crusade]


Deneld wants us to speak with crusaders around the camp to learn more about the crusade.

  • Speak with Sindret.
  • Speak with Zare, next to Dreon.
  • Speak with Tristian. 
  • Speak with Ravoc. 

Sindret [Troll Breakout]


We need to find the Troll Shackles somewhere in the camp for Sindret. She is a servant of Shevarash, a drow hunterShe will not talk to us if we have Baeloth or Viconia in our party and may even turn the camp hostile against us.

  • The Troll Shackles are in a box just south of Dreon.
    • Sindret wants us to shackle the troll.
      • Find a non-violent option (4000 xp, five potions).
      • [Cha] Force Sindret to shackle the troll (4000 xp).
        • Fail and she and her crew will turn hostile
          • Sindret (2000 xp)
          • Crew (420 xp, each)
      • Violently shackle the troll (4000 xp, four potions).
      • End up killing the troll (1400 xp, 4000 xp).

Editor’s Note: With my sorcerer, I was unable to find a non-violent solution, even with [Cha] & [Str] modifiers. 

Beno Famari [Schael Corwin]

Beno famari

Corwin seizes up at the sight of her former lover and Rhoma’s father, Beno Famari. We can either give Beno a wide berth or talk to him to get information on the crusade.

  • Non-violent encounter, don’t open with “This is no time to chat” unless we have high [Cha].
    • Tell Beno “She’s with us. We came to see what Caelar has to offer us.
    • [Cha] “Corwin and I heard the truth of the Shining Lady’s words.”
      • Tell him about Rhoma (6000 xp)
      • Refuse to tell how Rhoma is doing
  • Violent encounter, triggered by Beno not believing Corwin’s reason for being in the camp (6000 xp).
    • Beno Famari (650 xp)
    • Mercenaries (420 xp each)

This encounter can provide information on Corwin’s past, but there’s nothing earth-shattering to be learned. If we kill Beno, a crusader commander will ask us what happened. As long as we don’t threaten him, he’ll tell us to get rid of the bodies and we’ll avoid turning the entire camp hostile.

Chapter Ten Intro


The Dead Man’s Pass Parlay


Allied Siege Camp


  1. Markus

    Judge that Corinth is innocent, Valis dies (4000 xp)
    Death of Valis makes 1 minor bottle of healing,
    speaking to the Corinth (after Valis is dead) he gives away his bow.

    • That’s right he does! I’m not so concerned with potions (unless they are a quest item). Thanks much for the heads up.

  2. Ivan

    you can turn invisible and get the map

  3. Enforcer

    Actually if you speak to npc enough (I don’t remember exact sequence), you can say they are both guilty and explain they were in league then one blackmailed another

  4. Sirayar

    You can still have Baeloth and/or Viconia in your party, and succeed in talking to Sindret. The only thing to do is to keep them away from her area, as she just mustn’t be able to spot them.

  5. Kevin

    Yeah, going through this a looong time after everyone else, but the non-violent solution on the troll shackles is probably an [INT] check. I was able to get some wibbly wobbly timey wimey dialog options (the Doctor Who reference is relevant!) for a non-violent ending for the troll with my main as a mage with 19 int.

  6. Nave

    Actually during “the Trial” quest, if you push Corinth to admit he is guilty, he just does. He will beg you not to tell Leopas (and others) and you could even bribe him for a price for your silence about issue.

    Interesting quest and I find it one of depth on SoD; you could just bribe him or lie about him being innocent as Valis to the enemies’ cause. You could just pintpoint him as a target. You could claim both are guilty even though you know the truth and cull enemy lines of 2 people instead of one. Or you could just announce the truth. I wonder if your decision affects the villain/hero outcome in case you know the truth and announce otherwise. Cause this is one of character defining quests compared to most.

    • I’ve really enjoyed SoD and will likely include it in another Saga run. Most people won’t give it its due, but it’s much deeper and more responsive to your race/sex/class than BG1 or 2.

      I can’t remember if it’s a factor in the outcome. Tried googling and couldn’t find it!

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Gromnir

    I believe Bards can sing a lullaby for the troll and fighters can intimidate her.

    • Enilwyn Rakingclaw

      Without looking at the source code, it’s not easy to tell sometimes! I keep playing through this game because I enjoy it so much. I’ll figure it out on one of these playthroughs…maybe!

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