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Dragonspear Castle Basement

Dragonspear Castle Basement POI.png
Dragonspear Castle Basement

Editor’s Note: A quick reminder…a warning even…that our actions here will trigger plot-advancing events which may prevent us from completing quests or accessing areas available up until this point. If you have unfinished quests, consider turning around and completing them before exploring this area.


Belben will confront us immediately after coming up the lift.

We finally made it, Dragonspear Castle basement. As we anticipated, it’s guarded by a group of soldiers Belben (1400 xp).

Crusade Supplies [Important Events]

Sacks of wheat, potatoes, and onions are piled high. With this much food, the gods alone know how long Caelar’s crusade could hold Dragonspear Castle.
Barrels line the walls, filled with enough water to sustain Caelar’s crusade in the Dragonspear Castle for months.

In the storeroom where we found Bjarn Littlecub, a small troll, who has escaped some kind of imprisonment and is now hiding out in the cellar eating the crusader’s provisions. Here, next to Bjarn, we can poison the food supply with Torsin de Lancie’s potion. Across the hallway in the storage room are the water supplies.

  • [*Villain] Food supply poisoned (4000 quest xp)
  • [*Villain] Water supply poisoned (4000 quest xp)

After poisoning the supplies we are confronted by a crusader sergeant and some guards. Shortly afterward Hephernaan along with two other mages, Olvenaun and Esserin, appear. It seems Hephernaan is searching for some divine blood…

  • Esserin (2000 xp)
  • Olvenaun (2000 xp)
  • Hephernaan, once brought to near death, will escape and reinforcements will attack us. Loot the chests in Hephernaan’s chambers (Crown of Lies, Robe of Netheril)

Editor’s note: *Poisoning either the food or water will have an impact on SoD’s epilogue.

Hephernaan & The Voice

The smell of incense hangs heavy in the air, almost but not quite covering the odor of rotting meat that lingers around this alter.

Alternatively, prior to poisoning the supplies or if we refused to poison the supplies, we can sneak up on Hephernaan in his chambers and hear him communicating with, “some dark creature.” The Voice(should be recognizable by Baldur’s Gate and specifically Icewind Dale fans).

Daeros Dragonspear [Find Daeros]

Daeros is located just off of Hephernaan’s ritual room.

Daeros has been bound from leaving for the Fugue Plane by Hephernaan. In talking with him we discover it Hephernaan first attempted to use Caelar’s blood to open a portal to the Nine Hells. When her blood wasn’t strong enough that’s when they turned their attention to a direct descendent of a god, a Bhaalspawn, blood undiluted.

We now have the ability to reunite Daeros with Halatathlaer by freeing him.

  • Free Daeros (18000 xp)
    • [High Rep.] He reveals a location in the castle’s main hall mosaic containing something of worth (Daeros’s Full Plate +1)
  • Or not…

Editor’s Note: During my good & neutral-aligned, high reputation (16) playthrough, Daeros mentions something of value underneath the mosaic in the main hall of Dragonspear Castle’s basement.

Fly you fools!

Now we must flee back to the Coalition Camp and run the gauntlet of the Underground River caverns as our intrusion has sounded the alarm for the crusaders.

Chapter Ten Intro


The Warrens


The Dead Man’s Pass Parlay


  1. Rob Swan

    I don’t recognize “The Voice” someone enlighten me?

    • Ah, there’s no good way to answer that question without spoiling the game’s big reveal. Play on, and you might come across an old (possibly) forgotten foe.

  2. I believe you have to free the ghost dragon, tell her about her poor babies and part on good terms for him to give you that armour. At least that’s my experience.

    • Highly likely. The only time I got that armor was during a “good” playthrough where I wasn’t indiscriminately murdering everything.

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