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The Warrens

Editor’s Note: A quick note, once we exit this area and go up into the Dragonspear Castle Basement we can trigger plot-advancing events that may prevent us from completing quests or accessing areas available up until this point.

Slug in a Cage [The Dungeon Slug]

The cages lock looks like it would break fairly easy.

Just to the right of the entrance we see three captured ogres in cages. Slug is in the middle cage and we can free him if we choose by interacting with the cages.

  • Find out that one of the ogres is Slug and gain his trust by telling him about our encounter with Murs
  • [Mage / Sorc.] Offer a spell to strengthen Slug and his allies to prove our good intentions
  • [Cha] Release Slug and the other two ogres
    • The above options see Slug help us by revealing the location of an ogre treasure in the northern part of the cavern near freshwater. He will tell us to return to Murs to gain the ogres as allies against the Argent Crusade
  • Propose a deal with the ogres to let them out for their assistance against the crusaders
  • Tell him to stay and rot in his cage or accept our help
    • Slug will trick us and wander away with his buddies
  • End the ogres!!!
    • Slug (6000 xp)
    • Ogre (2000 xp each)

Rhonda the Seamstress [Glint Gardnersonson]

Rhonda can be found on the top tier of The Warrens.

Another one of Glint’s relatives, Rhonda Swiftfootsdottir, has been taken captive as a seamstress to repair crusader clothing.

  • Without Glint in our party, we can tell Rhonda now would be a good time to escape (Nimblefinger Gloves)
  • With Glint in our party, Rhonda will offer to help us with the ogres in charge of the lift to Dragonspear Castle Basement. This completes Glint’s quest to find his missing relatives, but we miss out on the Nimblefinger Gloves (unless we pickpocket them first 😉

Crusader Priest Polvi

Polvi can be found on the highest tier on the right of the cavern.

Polvi can offer us priest services. We can also inquire about why he joined the crusade. If at any point we offend him the room turns hostile.

Einer & Betror

Greased ropes attached to a great wheel are used to raise this platform from the warrens beneath Dragonspear Castle up to its basement. Turning the wheel requires the strength of two powerful ogres; climbing the rope is all but impossible without special handwear.

 Two ogres control the lift going up to Dragonspear Castle. They say anyone who wants to go up requires Belban’s permission. However, it doesn’t take much to hitch a ride on the lift.

  • Show them the Seal of Caelar
  • [Cha] Tell them Belban said we could go up
  • [Cha] Tell them you’d be happy not to thrash them for a ride up the lift
  • Find them a bottle of wine
  • Tell them I’M giving you permission (to take us up)
  • Annoy them long enough and they will turn hostile, equip Einer’s gloves to climb up

When we return from the Dragonspear Castle Basement, the two ogres question what all the noise was about.

  • [Low Rep] Just a disagreement, off we go…[High Rep] or mayhem
  • [Low Rep] Deny any fight, mayhem ensues…[High Rep] or not
  • Bring the mayhem!
  • If we eliminated the two ogres…as you were…

Chapter Ten Intro