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Kanaglym POI

An unearthly light glows from deep within the chasm. Voices echo throughout the gaping crevasse, pressing against the walls, seeking escape.

Shaman or Warrior? [M’Khiin Grubdoubler]

More than just the remnants of a forgotten dwarf community.

Upon entering Kanaglym, traveling eastward before crossing the bridge we will stumble upon a pile of equipment among the many shuttered doors of this lost dwarven town. Therein are two mutually exclusive sets of gear for M’Khiin to choose from; one for a shaman, the other a warrior.

We can convince M’Khiin that goblins frequently end up dead no matter how impressive their armor. She will realize on her own that she does not want to end up that way and will choose the ghost realm over that of the flesh. However, armor may just keep her alive a bit longer, but there’s one catch…

As the dialogue indicates, she will lose her shaman dance ability if she chooses the warrior gear, and that kind of defeats the point of having a shaman, especially since there’s a great deal of gear that enhances the dance’s potency. Then again…sentient armor…

M’Khiin will not be able to swap between the sets of armor; it’s one or the other. The [M’Khinn Grubdoubler] quest concludes with this choice.

“I’m never gonna dance again, goblin feet have got no rhythm…” I’ll get my coat…

Editor’s Note: I foolishly choose Kruntar’s Armor +3 in the hopes that it would interact and harass M’Khiin much the way Lilarcor does in Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn…alas…no…

Zhadroth [Zaviak’s Vision Quest]

This creature is on another plane of existence and cannot hear you. You must use the Spectacles of Spectacle to pull it into your world if you wish to speak to it.

We are able to pull Zhadroth the imprisoned lich into our plane. He is thankful for his liberation and spends little time waiting to exact his revenge on his jailers. If we have second thoughts we can attempt to stop him. We’d better have at least one charge of The Secret Revealed

“You lie! Zhadroth is too powerful to be slain by such as you.”

Appearing at the entrance to Kanaglym, an Endless Watcher confronts us for freeing Zhadroth who had been imprisoned for centuries. It’s safe to say there was a very good reason he was imprisoned. A reason we will never know. He blames us for the thousands that will die for freeing Zhadroth and seeks to put an end to our party.

  • [Cha / Evil?] If we tell the watcher we killed Zhadroth after freeing him the watcher will gift us the Astral Crossbow +2.
  • If we don’t tell the watcher we killed the lich he turns hostile (9000 xp, Astral Crossbow +2)
  • If we freed Zhadroth, when the watcher is near death, the lich will appear and Maze him (5500 xp). On the ground, we find the Astral Crossbow +2

Editor’s Note: With my good & neutral-aligned parties, the Endless Watcher did not believe my claim of freeing and killing Zhadroth, and he attacks. Perhaps a charisma or evil-alignment reaction? Or if we have a remaining charge of The Secret Revealed?

Zhadroth will repay his debt by finishing off the Endless Watcher and will teleport away.

Sacrificial Ritual [The Cabal]

When we enter Kanaglym and cross the bridge, if we walk toward the ritual chamber we witness a pair of dark magicians converting sacrifices into the undead.

  • If we attempt to save the sacrifices, everyone turns hostile, epic mayhem ensues.
  • If we let the ritual play out, we witness the sacrifices one by one transformed into zombies.

Kherriun [Ghost Dragon Guardian]

Kherriun is involved in a plot of her own unbeknownst to Hephernaan.

It appears it is Kherrium who commands Halatahlaer. If I kill her, I can free the ghost dragon. Damaging the necromancer will destroy the ghost jar freeing Halatathlaer, she will join the fray. Whether or not Halatathlaer will be friend or foe will be determined by how quickly we can injure Kherriun. We must make haste or contend with a cabal of crazy necromancers AND a ghost dragon.

Battle of Kanaglym
Ha ha HA! You’re !@#$ed!

Halatathlaer [The Cabal]

With the help of Halatathlaer, I have defeated Kherriun and her cabal of dark magicians animating corpses beneath Dragonspear Castle (12000 xp).

In the aftermath of the battle Halatathlaer tells us what little it knows of Caelar Argent who her captors referred to as “a puppet”…”doing their dark master’s work.” The ghost dragon reveals that master is a man – if man he truly be – named Hephernaan. Lastly, we’re warned to, “beware the Exile.” Then she is off to the Fugue Plane (32000 xp).

It’s not every day you take on a group of crazy wizards, put an end to a cabal of ritualists, and befriend a ghost dragon in the process…so much to unpack…

Halatathlaer [Find Daeros]

Halatathlaer beseeches us to watch for the presence of Daeros Dragonspear, though he must be long dead. The ghost dragon wants Daeros to know it did not abandon him and tell him his friend awaits him on the Fugue Plane.

Hephernaan’s Ritual Notes [The Wychlaran and the Berserker]

Perhaps this will sway Rigah and Julaan one way or the other regarding joining the crusade.

There is a chest that contains Hephernaan’s Ritual Notes. It appears he is trying to raise an army of undead.

We can show this to RigahJulann as proof of the Crusade’s real intentions.

[The Lost]

The walls of this chasm sink down not into the darkness, but a portal to the desolate gray of the Fugue Plane. Anything dropped from here into that dreary realm will surely be lost to it forever.

You throw the lost souls’ corpses down into the chasm and watch them disappear into the gray. A silent flash of spiritual energy marks each body’s crossing of the threshold into the Fugue Plane.

Throw the remains we collected in the Ettin Ghost Cave into the Fugue Plane portal (6000 xp). If he’s in the party, Glint and Litla will share their final farewells.

Litla and her companions feel the pull of the Fugue Plane at last and they may finally be at peace

Neera & Adoy [The Call of the Wild Mage]

Oh, that’s right, we were here to do this too…

It turns out Adoy was annoying Neera in hopes to tell her about his death at the hands of the Red Wizards. And to warn her of The Order of Eight Staves. She and the other wild mages are being hunted and she has to protect them. Although Neera knows she must prepare for the inevitable confrontation she’s not leaving until Caelar has been dealt with (18000 xp).

This concludes Neera’s [Call of the Wild Mage] quest.

Chapter Ten Intro


Underground Cavern Wyrms


The Warrens


  1. Reeb

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to stop the lich from leaving after using the goggles to reveal it. There’s no option to lie to the watch either. I’ve tried int and wisdom buffs, different party members doing the talking to each, etc.

    • This is arguably one of my favorite parts of SoD. My bard and fighter/cleric had two completely different experiences.

      You can always use the stone we got for Coldhearth and that lich is no problem at all 😉

      • Reeb

        I ended up buffing and equipping my best arrows, then trying a few times to just kill it in the brief second before the dialogue started. Eventually it worked, and the quest & watcher dialogue updated to match. I’m not sure if that’s the legitimate way though.

        • I doubt Beamdog will retroactively ban your account o.O

          When I pull off something like that I usually scream, “woooooooooOOOOOoooOO!!!” scare the dog, kick up my feet and end up falling back in my chair, crashing to the floor.

          Get in!!!

      • Reeb

        Oh I didn’t mean legitimate as in banned, I meant as in the way that you’re logically supposed to arrive at that outcome.

  2. Toni Z

    Has anybody experienced being unable to enter Kanaglym? I hve the Journal of Ithtaerus. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something. Any help would be most welcome.

  3. Toni Z

    That’s just it…no dragon…I dropped off the barrel of “Bwoosh” and headed to the Kanaglym entrance…and nothing…I’ve reloaded my game several times but nothing…

  4. Beorn

    I had an encounter with the spirit realm, looting the M’Khiin-specific garb from a hole on the N side. Some debate about being a shaman or a warrior, taking robes or armor: a choice of paths forward for the goblin.

    Personally, the robes’ casting speed is what makes the robes better than the armor. Less casting time on Insect Plague is nice.

    • Yes, there is a path you can take with her based on what you decide to go with. I haven’t personally been through it myself yet, but will do my best to incorporate it into future walkthroughs!

  5. Alex

    Concarnin M’Khinn quest:
    For me it is possible to use both weapons, but only one armor – if I try to put on robe after choosing warrior path, it says that i cannot due to chosen path. And vica versa.

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