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Underground Cavern Wyrms

Underground Cavern Wyrms
 Wind rushes through the cavern, wailing mournfully. Frantic shrieks and snarls can be heard from far below.

[Blind Albino Wyrmlings]

We found a hatch of wyrmlings. Sealed inside a cave their entire lives, they were pitiful blind things that ate one another to survive. Their bodies were twisted by foul magic, their minds consumed by fury and pain. All we could do for them was end their suffering.

Once we speak with the Ghost Dragon, Halatathlaer, it is revealed that these are her hatchlings.

Chapter Ten Intro


Ettin Ghost Cave




  1. Marcus Cooley

    What is this gem for?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you.

      I’d recommend doing a google search as it’s been 2 years since I’ve attempted to find the answer myself. Let me know if you find anything interesting!

      • Marcus L Cooley

        I did do a search and found nothing…I thought about contacting the actual but I dont know how.

        • Now that we’re having this conversation I’m pretty sure I asked the devs and no one knew haha. You can check the official forums.

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