Ettin Ghost Cave
Ettin Ghost Cave

The skulls of dozens, maybe hundreds of humans, elves, dwarves, and other races have apparently been organized by race and hung from the cavern wall.

Litla [The Lost]

The two skulls atop this massive skeleton’s shoulders identify the remains as those of an ettin.

Upon entering the cave we’re met by an Unsleeping Guardian, wraiths, and several shadows. After dealing with the immediate threat we meet Litla and her companions who are initially disoriented and hostile fearing the ettin has returned.

  • Enlist M’Khiin’s help to communicate with the ghosts and thank her (500 xp for M’Khiin)
  • Reason with the ghosts and assure the ghosts we’re not monsters
  • Provide the ghosts a second death…
    • Woris (4000 xp)
    • Sotuk (4000 xp)
    • Litla (4000 xp)
    • Ghost (4000 xp each)

We can learn of their tale fighting in the battle at Dragonspear Castle, seeking escape by fleeing into the caverns, and ultimately losing their lives fighting a massive ettin. They are stuck between worlds and need us to bring theirĀ remains to a portal on the Fugue Plane and lay their spirits to rest if we can find one.

  • If we decide to help the ghosts, collect the five sets of remains located beneath them and keep them handy for when we find a portal to the Fugue Plane.

Ettin Ghost [The Lost]

We must speak with the Ettin Ghost before we’re able to loot the Ettin Club +1.

The ettin that killed Litla and her companions still stalks the caverns looking for its lost club. Much like Litla & Co. the Ettin Ghost cannot move on until he is reunited with his Ettin Club +1.

[Glint Gardnersonson]

It turns out Litla Barkersdottir is an ancient relative of Glint’s. Barkersdottir is his mother’s family name. Glint also mentions another relative of his in this dialog, Rhonda.

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