hidden cellar.png

Hidden Cellar

Hidden Cellar Interior

Some undead has taken up residence in this hidden cellar and stand in the way of us comfortably searching the cellar for hidden gems.

  • Unsleeping Guardian (4000 xp)
  • Greater Shadows (3000 xp each)
  • Shadows (420 xp each)

We can now leisurely raid the contents left behind in the cellar.

  • Shelf (Random scroll)
  • Chest (Amulet of Whispers, Scroll of Minor Spell Deflection, Scroll of Summon Lesser Fire Elemental)
  • Nook (Spider Silk)

Khalid [Anniversary Gift]

We can give the Spider Silk to Khalid if we did not take some from the spider lair. He tells us he would rather focus on the battle for now. Eventually, he will ask for an Aquamarine Gem which can be pickpocketed from Waizahb back at the Coalition Camp.

Chapter Ten Intro