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Dead Man’s Pass

Dead Man's Pass POI

Dead Man’s Pass

Fleeing Refugees

refugees wolves.png

You only need to be faster than the slowest refugee.

East of where we enter the area, a group of fleeing refugees are being chased by wolves.

  • Save at least one of them (+1 Reputation, 112 gold).

Horst & Stalia

horst stalia.png

A couple of refugees displaced by the crusade who are now selling minor trinkets on the roadside.

Cave Bear [Helvdar’s Lucky Charm]

Cave Bear

In the northern parts of the area is a wandering cave bear (900 xp, Fine Bearskin). We can use the hide to make a new pair of boots for Helvdar back at the coalition camp.

  • Return to Belegarm at the Coalition Camp with the Fine Bearskin.



As we head northeast up the pass we run into Ephrik the mercenary. He’s looking to join the crusade and other than recognizing us and promptly leaving it appears he is just part of the local scenery.

Orog Chieftain

Orog Chieftan the protector of the unworthy

In the northeast part of the area, we come across a group of orogs and their chieftain (250 xp, The Protector of the Unworthy).

Heart of the Mountain

heart of the mountain

Along the northern edge of the area, an orog hunting party met an untimely end at the hands of a hamadryad and some shambling mounds. One of the corpses still has the Heart of the Mountain around its neck.

Dead Man’s Cave 

Dead Man's Cave

This must be the dead guy this area is named after…

Atop an outcropping of rock in the area is a cave with a lone corpse littering its entryway.

Hidden Loot

hidden loot.png

In the south portion of the map is tree hollow containing The Forest Queen’s Benediction.



Nüber has a life insurance plan this time around.

 Yes, there is a nü Noober.

  • Talk to him until he gives up and goes home (1000 xp)
  • Kill him! (15 xp)
    • Kill ghostly Nüber! (15 xp)
      • Kill him a THIRD time! (250 xp)

Gnåler & Kåmbolder

gnaler kambolder.png

In the southern part of the map, a gnoll & kobold are questing for adventure as they seek to one day tell tales of their own travels.

Editor’s Note: The story behind these two is adorable. A redditor named Larlock1 had been telling their kids (ages five and six) the Baldur’s Gate plot as a bedtime story. Charname was a dwarven fighter named Faragrim. One day after work the six-year-old presented these cute pictures. Beamdog liked them so much they immortalized the kids with their own in-game sprites and likeness of the drawings!

Dead Mage

dead mage.png

The interior of the crude shack offers some protection against the elements but little else of value. 

We find a dead mage just outside a ramshackle hut. It seems the items she carried are semi-random. A Scroll of Sunfire & Wand of Paralyzation appears to be constant.

Raeanndra & the Greater Earth Elemental [Zaviak’s Vision Quest]


We can save this tiefling who was traveling in the Elemental Plane of Earth where she encountered a Greater Earth Elemental. We can only use the spectacles on one of them.

Greater Earth elemental.png

  • Pull in Raeanndra, she will reward us with a ring (Ring of the Tiny Fiend).
    • Elemental will wander off.
  • Pull in the elemental and kill it (11000 xp).
    • Raeanndra will walk away.

Hidden Cellar

Hidden Cellar

Near where we encountered Raeanndra and the elemental is a hidden cellar covered with boards.

Chapter Ten Intro


Canyon Ambush


Dead Man’s Cave

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  1. Bender

    You can have your Spectacles carrier use them on the Elemental first while you are about to kill it just summon the Thiefling to get the Ring aswell, works out so you can have both.

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