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Bloodbark Grove

Bloodbark Grove POI.png

Bloodbark Grove

Belladonna Bush [The Call of the Wild Mage]


Black berries dangle beneath faintly scented bell-shaped purple flowers tinged with green. 

Another one of Neera’s components, Belladonna, can be found in these woods. We will see the familiar loot symbol when we hover over the bushes, but they do not show up when we hit TAB.

Lord Dushwick & Chalmers

chalmer lord dushwick

Chalmer & Lord Dushwick

It appears the Lord Dushwick has lost some of his belongings due to his servant being unable to carry their weight and suggests we drop what we are doing to help.

  • Say we are after Caelar Argent, suggest he lighten Chalmer’s burden by leaving his gold and chest here, or just shut up.
    • Dushwick will tell Chalmers to fight us. He refuses and wanders off, dropping minor loot.
  • Say you don’t have time for them and they both wander off.

Onoroth [The Uncommon Cold]


A grumpy old druid named Onoroth lives in these woods and if we came to Bloodbark Grove looking for him at Dosia’s recommendation he can help us cure the sick people at the coalition camp. He will ask us to help him first by killing a diseased basilisk and bring him its claw. There has been a basilisk sighting to the north.

  • Agree to help and return with the Basilisk Claw
  • Ask what his point is or why he no longer freely moves about the forest and he will explain his knowledge is precious and he will not freely share it with us
    • [Cha] Tell him we are trying to do good and he has information that can save lives
    • Tell him if he doesn’t help Caelar’s zealot hordes will overrun his forest is they are not defeated
    • [Str] Threaten to kill him if he doesn’t help us
      • If we fail the checks we will have to do as he says and put a basilisk out of its misery to obtain the cure
diseased greater basilisk

Protection against petrification is always a good idea with these creatures.

Either by helping the druid rid the forest of the diseased basilisk or passing the ability check we receive the Blackthorn Bark Cure.

Strange Tree [The Uncommon Cold]

Blackbark Tree.png

Dark green mold grows on the bark of this ancient tree. 

There is a strange ancient tree that has the bark Dosia wanted us to find in order to heal those sick people back at the Coalition Camp (Blackthorn Bark Cure).

Editor’s Note: Unless we came to the grove seeking the druid Onoroth interactive with the ancient tree will provide the cure we need. 



A Shambling Mound stands over several corpses on the northeastern edge of the map. It’s not clear what this small group were doing in the grove, but their journey has come to an end.

Laying on the ground we find a Clasp of Helm, Wand of Fear, and Scroll of Summon Lesser Earth Elemental.

hidden cache skeletal mage.png

Hidden Cache

In one of the pillars where we confront the Skeletal Mage. The hidden cache contains a Star Sapphire and several miscellaneous gems.



A low moaning emanates from the well. As you approach it goes silent. 

All that remains from an old hunting cabin are partial walls and foundation with a cellar door. Nearby there is a suspicious old well. As we approach the cellar door the corpse of a woman lays on the ground, her charred journal beside her.

charred journal .png

charred journal 2.png

charred journal 3.png

What are these noises coming from the well? And how did this woman meet her end? Perhaps we can learn more by descending into the cellar.

Chapter Ten Intro


Hidden Cellar


Vampire Hideout


  1. TZC

    Have you noticed the well on the far southeast of this area? It seemed like there was something to do there, but I never found really what (if anything).

    Btw, thank you for this amazing walkthrough. Really helpful.

    • I have noticed it. I can’t tell you if there’s anything magical about it, but I’m diving deep on my current play through and will eventually scout it out again.

      Thanks for the comment, glad you are enjoying!

    • Finally caught back up with this area. I believe the answer to your question is in the charred journal and by exploring the cellar.

      We cannot interact with the well, my best guess is that it is just story related.

  2. Sirayar

    You make the cure yourself if your main character is a cleric or a druid

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