Coalition Camp POI.png
Coalition Camp a.k.a. Allied Siege Camp

Upon entering the Coalition Camp, we are met by Marshal Kyrill Nederlok. He warns us not to expect a warm welcome here after we passed out and burned the symbol of Bhaal into the Boareskyr Bridge. He instructs us to meet him at the command tent at the south end of the camp when we are ready.

Belegarm and Thaird are in the northwest part of the camp if we need supplies or a place to rest.

Helvdar [Helvdar’s Lucky Charm]


The dwarf is down on his luck and believes a fancy new pair of boots might turn things around for him. Find bear hide in Dead Man’s Pass and bring it to Belegarm to make boots to bring Helvdar’s luck back.

  • Once we bring the Fine Bearskin back to Belegarm we can either have him supply Helvdar with Ordinary Boots (and say they are lucky) or the Lucky Boots.
    • Give him the Lucky Boots (6000 xp)
    • Tell him we will keep the Lucky Boots (-Reputation)
    • [Cha] Convince him the Ordinary Boots are lucky (6000 xp)
    • Get caught trying to give him the Ordinary Boots (-Reputation)

Helvdar will reward us with a couple of potions.

Vigilant Halasan [Troop Train]

Troop Train

We can train a group of green recruits from Daggerford for Vigilant Halasan so they won’t be liabilities in battle. Our party members will chime in where appropriate to help properly train the recruits (6000 xp, Commander’s Chain Mail +3).

  • Garrold – [Dynaheir/Edwin] Recommend focusing his training on spellcasting
  • Taield – [Jaheira] Talk with the recruit about loneliness and being a team member
  • Danine – [Safana] Teach her to fight dirty
  • Clovista – [Glint/M’Khiin] Teach her to take on people her size and train properly
  • Morlis  – [Dorn] Encouraged to give in to the desire to kill
  • Hester – [M’Khiin/Viconia] Teach the recruit not to fear death
Troop Train.png

Editor’s Note: We can elicit the above response from Halasan and unlock a Steam achievement we never knew we wanted…UNTIL NOW!!! My best advice is to make a temporary party and have as many NPC interactions as possible to get the above response. 

Simonetta Twoedged [Memories of Battles Past]

Simonetta Twoedged.png

If we ask what Simonetta is doing for the war effort she will tell us she is consulting on tactical movements and troop deployments. She will encourage us to learn from other members of the coalition about their experiences in times of war. Ask the following people why they joined the coalition and return to Simonetta.

  • Speak with Halasam
    • We can find out why she is a Vigilant and that she has a friend named Tristian fighting for the crusade
  • Speak with Belegarm
    • He will tell us he’s supplied many Flaming Fist engagements, but this is by far his largest. As a proud citizen of Baldur’s Gate, he knows his role is vital for a successful campaign
  • Speak with Dosia after assessing the ill.

We will be rewarded for taking Simonetta’s request seriously (6000 xp, Medal of Valor).

Jegg Hillcarver

Jegg Hillcarver.png

If we are still holding onto craftable materials from the previous chapter Jegg make them. She is located in the south-western part of the camp.

Hyreth [The Wounded Zealot]


Hyreth is a follower of the Crying God, Ilmater. Although he is suffering and gravely ill, he will refuse any attempt to heal him unless we can persuade him to accept.

  • [Cha] Convince Hyreth to accept healing (6000 xp, 50 gold)
  • [Cha] Offer to injure yourself so we can heal Hyreth (6000 xp, 50 gold)
  • Heal him against his wishes (6000 xp, -1 Reputation)

Ask Dosia about Hyreth’s convictions. She will not be able to tend to him until we help her by completing The Uncommon Cold quest.

  • Have Dosia speak to Hyreth and heal him (6000 xp)
  • Heal him against his wishes (6000 xp, -1 Reputation)
hyreth dosia

Dosia [The Uncommon Cold]


Dozens have fallen ill in the camp and Dosia seeks a way to heal them. She asks for our help to find a cure and asks us to assess three sick people. Our companions will be able to advise us.

  • Xerra has spiked a fever
glint zerra
jaheira xerra
m'khiin xerra.png
viconia xerra
  • Zidrand is locating in the middle of the group making her susceptible to illness
glint zidrand.png
jaheira zidrand.png
m'khiin zidrand.png
viconia zidrand
  • Yestimell is in a great deal of pain and will turn hostile upon assessment (175 xp)
corwin yestimell.png
glint yestimell.png
jaheira yestimell.png
Minsc yestimell.png
m'khiin yestimell.png
viconia yestimell

Once we examine the three patients we can return to Dosia.

  • Tell her what we were able to assess
    • If one of our companions noticed that the patient’s symptoms resemble those of sickly rats we can seek out a rat in the camp for advice
      • Find a rat in the camp to speak to and it will turn into a wererat accusing the camp of taking over its territory and turn hostile (420 xp)
        • [Corwin/Jaheira/Minsc & Boo] Speak with any other rat in the camp and it will tell us when they get ill they roll in mold that grows on old Blackthorn trees
    • [Jaheira/M’Khiin] Recommends finding Blackthorn bark in the forest
    • Suggest the ill be quarantined from the rest of the camp and the sickness allowed to run its course (-2 Reputation)
    • Dosia suggests we find a druid living in the wilds near the camp
    • Suggest the ill be executed and burned (-2 Reputation)

We must head to Blackthorn Grove for the bark we need for Dosia to cure the sick.

  • [*Hero] Provide the Blackthorn Bark Cure (6000 xp, +Reputation gainMartyr’s Morningstar +2).
  • Request a reward (6000 xp, -1 Reputation, Potion of Extra Healing x3).
  • Hold out for best reward (-Reputation hit).

Editor’s note: Curing the soldiers will have an impact on SoD’s epilogue. I do not know if requesting a reward or holding out for the best reward affect this choice the same as only providing the cure. 

Nazramu [Zaviak’s Vision Quest]

Definitely worth the charge for his inventory of goods.

Nazramu, a djinni we can pull into the Prime Material Plane with our Spectacles of Spectacle. He is a merchant with some exotic wares.


Waizahb [On the Fence]


A fence/merchant named Waizahb will pay us good money for five items from the crusader camp.

safana waizahb
  • Dreon’s Signet Ring
  • Battle Standard
  • Tristian’s Holy Symbol
    • Speak with Mizhena and obtain her board game. We need this to non-violently obtain Tristian’s Holy Symbol.
  • Token of Faith
  • Annotated Map

After exploring the Dragonspear Castle Exterior return with the five items.

  • Give him one item (2000 xp, 250 gold).
  • Give him a second item (2000 xp, 500 gold).
  • Give him a third item (2000 xp, Pearly White Ioun Stone).
  • Give him a fourth item (2000 xp, 1000 gold).
  • Give him the final item (2000 xp, Shadowed Spear +2)
    • Tell Waizahb we’ve brought him all the items requested (Potion of Storm Giant Strength, Potion of Magic Shielding, Potion of Power).

Waizahb also has some rare items for sale.

Command Tent

command tent.png

Torsin Cedric de Lancie, Marshal Kyrill Nederlok & General Haither Stonehand are the commanders in charge of the Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, and Daggerford troops respectively. We arrive to find Torsin de Lancie throwing his weight around as Waterdeep has provided the majority of troops.

Although the commanders are grateful for the reinforcements we have brought across Boareskyr Bridge they are more concerned with morale after the whole…you know…burning the symbol of Bhaal into the bridge thing. GOSH, get over it!

Marshal Nederlock wants us to explore the underground cavern beneath Dragonspear Castle and bring back intel on Caelar’s top advisor, a priest named Hephernaan. Torsin de Lancie believes the crusade are using the tunnels as a supply route. We are to see the dwarf Phossey Dugdeep, an explosives expert, on our way out of the camp.

Coalition Camp  POI 2
New points of interest after the meeting at the Command Tent.

Editor’s Note: WARNING! When we visit the Dragonspear Castle Basement confronting Hephernaan and/or poisoning the crusader’s supplies will trigger a plot-advancing event. If we have any outstanding side quests it’s best that we finish them before this point.

I’ve been told planting the Barrel of Bwoosh! is another trigger but I have no problems returning to the coalition camp to finish quests so long as the aforementioned events haven’t happened.

torsin de lancie phossey dugdeep.png

Phossey is in the northern area of the camp. Torsin de Lancie is there as well. He wants us to take an explosive barrel and plant it strategically under Dragonspear Castle. Wearing the amulet Stone Dowser while in the caverns should allow us to find an optimal spot for the explosives (Barrel of Bwoosh!Stone Dowser, Potion of Mind Focusing).

Phossey will leave and Torsin de Lancie will tell you about his second strategy. He has a poison obtained by a captured priest of Talona and he wants us to use it against the crusade. We can refuse or agree to poison the crusade’s water and food supply to weaken them.

  • Question de Lancie’s honor
    • Refuse to poison the crusaders
    • Suggest weakening the crusade is the ideal situation and receive the poison
    • Agree to poison the crusader’s supplies
  • [*Hero] Flatly refuse to poison the crusaders
  • Agree to take the poison for a reward
  • Agree to poison the crusader’s supplies

Unless we refuse, we will receive a Potion of Terror.

Editor’s note: *Flatly refusing to poison the crusader’s supplies will have an impact on SoD’s epilogue.

Safana [The Traitor]

safana quest.png

After speaking with the camp commanders Safana will stop us and ask for our help. If Safana is not in our party the quest will trigger when we come into close proximity to her by the bonfire.

safana quest 2.png
Safana quest 3.png

Apparently, Safana was blackout drunk when she picked these pockets because she doesn’t remember anyone she robbed. She won’t let us go to the commanders for fear she’ll be put in the stockade. We only need proof from one of these sources before confronting the traitor.

  • A notebook with runes, a military person’s cipher.
    • Speak with Simonetta Twoedged.
      • Swear you can be trusted, Simonetta mentions Malden Col.
      • Ask if we can change her mind, Simonetta refuses to elaborate and the investigation continues.
      • [*Villian] Accuse her of being the traitor, she turns hostile (975 xp).
        • Return to Marshal Nederlok (6000 xp)
  • A potion, possible a healing potion, but in a weird bottle.
    • Speak with Belegarm
      • [Mage/Sorc.] Tell him the bottle may lead you to a spell that can decimate our enemies, he’ll mention Helvdar keeps his potions in these weird bottles
      • [Cha] He will mention Helvdar keeps his potions in these weird bottles
      • Tell Belegarm we are not going to threaten him and he will point us in the direction of Helvdar.
        • Helvdar will tell us he lost his bottle at a card game
          • [Mage/Sorc.] Offer to cast a good-luck charm on him to discover Malden Col won the bottle
          • Pay him 20 gold to tell us where the bottle came from. Malden Col. (-20 gold).
          • Ask who won the bottle, he declines and we must investigate further.
          • [Str] Threaten him and he’ll mention Malden Col won the bottle.
          • [*Villian] Accuse Helvdar of being the traitor (-1 Reputation, 420 xp).
  • A candle with gold leaf
    • Speak to Mizhena, she will accuse us of stealing her candle
      • Apologize or back down from her verbal aggression and we learn no new clues
      • Threatening her, bizarrely, will gain her trust and she will reveal she saw Malden Col leaving her tent. Although she has no proof, she was planning on speaking to Col…with her fists.
Malden Col.png
Malden Col is located in the north-west of the camp.

Malden Col will willingly turn himself in when confronted with evidence of his betrayal. A guard will take him into custody. Return to Marshal Nederlok. 

  • Refuse his reward (+1 Reputation, 6000 xp).
  • Accept his reward (6000 xp, Fleshripper +2).
  • Say we just want Caelar dead (6000 xp).

Editor’s note: *Killing the wrong person will have an impact on SoD’s epilogue.

Sempek & Damius [The Problem With Pritchard]

Sempek Damius.png

The two Daggerford soldiers believe Pritchard Gardnersonson has grown a little too big for his britches. They are plotting to have the gnome killed. If we agree to help them they will reward us with a couple of potions.

Glint sempek damius.png

Pritchard is one of Glint’s relatives and we can find him just west of here badgering General Stonehand about a strategy to defeat Caelar.

We can tell Pritchard that Belegarm has a gnomish item he might find interesting in lure him away from the crowds. Or, we can attack him right in front of General Stonehand without consequence. 

  • Inform Pritchard and General Stonehand. We can do this once we’ve accepted or refused Damius‘ offer (Potion of Magic Protection)
  • Get Pitchard alone and attempt to kill him (-2 Reputation)

Notifying General Stonehand will see Sempek & Damius receive a hiding from their commanding officer. If we’ve got rid of Pritchard one way or the other, return to Damius (Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Fortitude).

Pritchard [Glint Gardnersonson]

We’ve found another one of Glint’s relatives, Pritchard. Glint will ask to beat Pritchard to within an inch of his life to convince him he needs to leave before killed by Caelar’s crusade, or his fellow troops.

glint & pritchard.png

Again, we can tell Pritchard that Belegarm has a gnomish item he might find interesting in lure him away from the crowds. Or, we can attack him right in front of General Stonehand without consequence.

  • Blow off Glint and tell him you don’t want to discuss it.
  • Beat up Prichard (-2 Reputation).
    • He will beg for mercy and Glint will explain the intervention. Pritchard will tell us he was just out to prove himself. He will then give Glint his father’s dagger before he leaves (Pritchard’s Family Stiletto +2)
glint pritchard

General Stonehand [Den of Thieves]

stonehand pritchard.png

After the interaction between General Stonehand and Pritchard, we can speak with the General again and ask if there’s anything that has caught her attention. She will ask our help in ferreting out a thieves guild in the camp and suggest we first speak with Waizahb.

Speak to Waizahb about fencing goods for the camp’s thieves’ guild. She will tell us we’ve been misinformed.

  • [Cha] “I don’t think so, and that’s a good thing.” ask to speak with a guild representative, she will agree
    • Failing the [Cha] check, she will tell us we are sorely mistaken and not accuse her of being a thief before wanding off to the north to warn her contact
  • “For your sake, I hope that’s not true.” Threaten Waizahb to facilitate a meeting, she will agree
  • [Str]“I’ve not patience for your games.” Threaten Waizahb to arrange a meeting, she will agree
    • Failing the [Str] check, she will take her chances and wander north to warn her contact
  • [Mage/Sorc.] Threaten to curse Waizahb if she doesn’t set up a meeting, she will agree
Rhynwis waizahb.png
Waizahb will wander north to warn her contact, Rhynwis, if we are unable to get her to cooperate.

Rhynwis is the thieves’ guild representative inside the coalition camp. She is located directly north of Waizahb and mention we are looking for something out of the ordinary.

  • If at any point we pick an option to attack Rhynwis she will vanish
  • Tell her we are here to stop her operation
    •  Demand the thieves’ guild aid the coalition against Caelar under threat of execution and stop all thieving activity within the camp. We only get the options below if Waizahb agreed to set up the meeting with Rhynwis. Otherwise, we get the same reaction as asking to join the guild. 
      • Let her go and she will vanish
      • Ask for a cut of the profits and we’ll learn of a cache outside of the Underground River Entrance.
      • Attack Rhynwis and she will vanish
  • Tell her we want to join her operation
    • She will refuse and mention Waizahb has tipped her off that the Hero of Baldur’s Gate was on to their operation. She will agree to rein in her activities from now on, then vanish
  • Tell her to disband or pay the price
    • Same options as the first option, even if Waizahb refused to arrange the meeting with Rhynwis

Report back to General Stonehand. She’ll ask what their faces looked like after we kicked their rumps all the way through Dead Man’s Pass.

  • Tell General Stonehand we only saw the leader and we leaned on her to stop the thieving and aid us with her guild when the battle starts (bonus potion)
    • Ask for 500 gold (6000xp, 500 gold)
    • Accept only 300 gold (+1 Reputation, 6000 xp, 300 gold)
    • Ask for 3000 gold (6000 xp, 500 gold)
  • Tell General Stonehand we only ran off the thieves’ guild and we only miss out on a potion
    • Same rewards as above

Marshall Nederlok or Bence Duncan [Skie’s Gone Missing]

skie nederlok.png

There are two ways to access this quest. We can either get it by speaking to Marshall Nederlok or Bence Duncan will stop us as we leave for Dead Man’s Pass and inform us Skie has slipped out of the camp and headed towards Dragonspear Castle. We’ll need to retrieve her as she holds information about our presence in the region.

If we visit the Dragonspear Castle Exterior prior to spying on Hephernaan in the Dragonspear Castle Basement, we can locate Skie and return her to the camp.

Update Marshal Nederlok (800 gold).

Wilhemina [The Call of the Wild Mage]


Wilhelmina at the entrance of the camp is selling turnip juice, which is one of the component’s Neera needs.

  • Agree to a sample of turnip juice and allow her to enter the camp (Wilhelmina’s Miracle Turnip Juice)
  • Agree to a sample of turnip juice and refuse her entry into the camp (Wilhelmina’s Miracle Turnip Juice)
  • Have the guards run her off

Editor’s Note: I have not seen or read anything that indicates this decision has any impact on the game or SoD’s epilogue other than acquiring the quest item. 

Neera [The Call of the Wild Mage]

coalition cap neera.png

Editor’s note: I recommend bringing Neera into our party BEFORE we give her the final ingredient to ensure her quest triggers, especially if she is not part of our current set up.

Once we gather all the ingredients for Neera she is able to make her potion (6000 xp).

neera call of the wild mage
neera call of the wild mage 2.png

The next time we camp, Neera will make her potion. She learns that the potion helps her to focus and control the link between her and Adoy. It appears he is in trouble and stuck in the Fugue Plane. He tells Neera to seek out the Mountain of Nepenthe to help him return to the Material Plane.

The area we need can be found inside Kanaglym.

Mizhena [Foehammer’s Blessing]


At Dragonspear Castle Exterior there are a couple of crusade recruits, Kjarvan and Qing, hoping to restore a stone icon and receive a blessing from Tempus. Once we find the pieces they will need to be blessed by a priest of Tempus. Mizhena is able.

We can also return her Coroniir board if we’re done with the [On The Fence] quest.

[Important Events]

Once we return from Dragonspear Castle Basement we are met by a Waterdhavian guard who informs us the commanders are entering into a parlay with Caelar Argent at Dead Man’s Pass.

Chapter Ten Intro