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Boareskyr Bridge

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Boareskyr Bridge

Editor’s note: Boareskyr Bridge. This is the area where Siege of Dragonspear shines brightest. There is nothing stopping us from an ill-advised full frontal assault on the crusaders or meticulously planning and/or scheming our way to the most favorable strategic course of action for the party we’ve assembled. In my opinion, SoD does not get enough credit for the number of choices that make us feel truly heroic, devious, pragmatic, and cowardly. 

[The Missing Patrol]

Crusade guards.png

It seems there is no way we can sweet talk our way into the crusader camp at Boareskyr Bridge. One of the guards will tell us if we can manage to find out what happened to Lieutenant Kharm’s nephew, it may be enough to gain entrance to the camp.

We can learn that Lieutenant Kharm’s nephew was sent to find the Wardstone before being captured. The crusaders are aware of the portal that will allow them access to Bridgefort. Oddly, they are not doing anything to guard or closely monitor the portal.

  • If we freed Keherrem in the Temple of Cyric and tell the guards we want to speak with Kharm they will let us pass (3000 quest xp).
    • Speak with Kharm regarding the rescue of his nephew (250 gold)
  • If we killed Keherrem and the other recruits, we can present his badge to the guards.

The Dusty Chicken

Dusty Chicken
Speak with the chicken and it will jump into our inventory.

Editor’s note: I have been informed this chicken can be thrown down a well…

[The Irregulars]

Tepid mug of ale location

Here to the left of the Barghest, we can find a Tepid Mug of Ale that will get Kava to tell us her story.

Down With the Drawbridge

Kharm and Keherrem.png
Lieutenant Kharm and his nephew, Keherrem.

Kharm is looking for a way to get inside Bridgefort and lower the drawbridge. This will require the Wardstone found in the Temple of Cyric.

  • Find the Wardstone and agree to betray the defenders of Bridgefort
  • Or…tell Kharm all the crusaders will die by our hand and…you know…turn the entire camp hostile…

[The Creeping Darkness] & [Call of the Wild Mage]

vichand planetar feather
Vichand designed the debilitating enchantment affecting Bridgefort and believes Caelar will be pleased with his efforts.

Speak with the Red Wizard of Thay, Vichand, at the crusader camp. He is the mage who created the Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom. He also has a Planetar Feather in his possession.

  • [Cha] Ask if he is the magician that designed the spellstone infecting Bridgefort
    • Threaten Vichand or tell him we are the Hero of Baldur’s Gate (anything besides “we are a friend of Bridgeport“) and he will cower (Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom)
      • Let him go fairly…
        • …he turns the entire camp hostile if we speak with him again
      • Ask for the feather (Planetar Feather)
      • Tell him not to be suicidal and alert the camp
      • Cast a sleep spell on him
      • Kill Vichand (1400 xp)
    • Tell him we want to stop the stone’s effects, failing the [Cha] check turns the camp hostile
    • [Arcane caster] Speak with Vichand and request to study the scroll, he will foolishly let us borrow it.
  • Ask if he has a Planetar Feather and offer to buy it
    • [Cha] Tell him to name his price (-500 gold, Planetar Feather)
      • Failing the [Cha] check Vichand will refuse to sell the feather
    • Threaten him and he will turn hostile (1400 xp)

If in any scenario we end up killing Vichand because he does not comply with our demands the Planetar Feather & Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom are in the highlighted cart. Return to Bridgefort when we have the scroll.

[Edwin’s Tale of Woe]

Vichand & Edwin were traveling companions up until recently.

If we have Edwin in our party, he can confront his former traveling companion Vichand. We’ll need to make quick work of Vichand or the crusader camp will join the fray. We can also lie to Vichand and tell him that you and Edwin have come to our senses and joined the crusade.

A short while after killing Vichand, Edwin gives us a robe for our assistance (Robe of Red Flames).

[The Bridgefort Defenders]


We stumble upon Dorn Il-Khan, caged in the southwest of the crusader camp. He was captured attempting to kill Reverend Brother Hormorn, a priest of Caelar’s. Dorn did not anticipate the Barghest interfering with his attempted sacrifice to Ur-Gothoz. His gear is in a box just north of his cage.

  • Free Dorn (6000 xp)
Location of Dorn’s gear.

Editor’s Note: Ironically, even if we speak to Hormorn with Dorn, nothing happens. Also, I did not notice any reputation hit from Dorn joining.

Important Events

Teleport portal.png
The teleport circle glows with arcane energy in response to your wardstone. 

We are able to find the Wardstone at the Temple of Cyric and enter Bridgefort.

  • Teleport to Bridgefort (5000 quest xp)

Tender of the Dead

Dead body junia.png
A decapitated body just west of the Goblin Cave.

Searching the surrounding area for Ymori we come across a corpse missing its head. When we attempt to interact with it we are ambushed by a wight and several zombies. The wight is carrying Ymori’s Head, Kendra’s Chain, a Bloodstone Ring, and Herdrin’s Short Sword +2.

[The Battle of Bridgefort]

Battle of Bridgefort.png

The Battle of Bridgefort is good old fashioned mayhem, but the Barghest is the only enemy with a significant item on him. After killing enough crusaders they will retreat and we are informed they are attempting to blow up Boareskyr Bridge to prevent us from crossing. We must stop them.

  • Defeat the crusaders (+2 reputation)
  • The Barghest (3000 xp, Chill Axe +2)

Important Events – I had a vision of Bhaal’s death while crossing the Boareskyr Bridge.

[Disturbing Implications]

The Hooded Man Returns

The Hooded Man shows up after crossing the Boareskyr Bridge. It is clear from our discussion that he is following our every move and knows far more about our heritage than we do. We can infer from this conversation that he is monitoring Caelar as well.

[The Irregulars]

Kava The irregulars.png

If Kava survives the Battle of Bridgefort, she will meet us after we cross the bridge and thank us for helping her and Farrl get their gold back (300 gold).

Khalid [Anniversary Gift]

Khalid anniversary

Find Spider Silk for Khalid. He and Jaheira will be celebrating an anniversary soon and he wants to make her a gift using elements of nature. If we collected silk in the Spider Lair we can provide it to Khalid now. If not, we have the opportunity to find more in Chapter 10.

Old Well

Little Wanderer Dusty Chicken.png
Oh hey, it’s Lassi…I mean…Little Wanderer, is something stuck in the well?

We can put money in the well for minor heals/buffs. We can also place a weapon in the well which will summon the Well Spirit (3000 xp, Misc. +1 weapon). We can also retrieve the weapon placed in the bucket.

Should we put a Dusty Chicken in the well…(3000 xp)

M'Khiin Dusty Chicken.png
Minsc Dusty Chicken.png
Corwin Dusty chicken.png
dynaheir dusty chicken
Safana dusty chicken.png
Viconia dusty chicken.png
Dorn dusty chicken.png
Baeloth dusty chicken.png
Rasaad dusty chicken.png
Jaheira dusty chicken.png
Khalid dusty chicken
Glint dusty chicken.png

Editor’s Note: I tried a couple different times, but could not get any reaction from Edwin or Neera

 Chapter Ten begins…

Chapter Nine Intro



Forest Paths


Goblin Cave


  1. Aristides

    Nice guide!
    I have one question tho. On bridgefort, in the northeast part of the fort, there is a woman and her who gibes the main char a quest about getting food for them and their horses. Any idea of this quest? It appears in the journal as “Delicious horsels”.

    • Hmmm, I personally don’t recall. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it was a quest that was patched in.

      I need to get back to finishing that site! Pillars of Eternity has my attention at the moment.

    • Cast cure disease on both the horses is one resolution, although the dialogue says something about being able to convince the priest inside the fort to help them, but i couldn’t get that to happen.

  2. Ploughed Jester

    Talk to the chickens in the crusader camp by the jail cells… one will jump in your pack. Send it down the well. Funny conversations follow, and a small reward to boot. M’Khiin’s was the best one I saw.

  3. Joe

    You missed some choice loot off the boulder that killed the three people, simply activate it three times for some voidstones talk to jegg and get some sweet +3 Loot options.

    • I know mate, that’s a great catch if you’re following along with my walkthrough.

      I did an initial couple of runs, but really need to find time to do another one and fill in a few more gaps. It’s just SO NICE outside this summer.

      Thank you for your comment!

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