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Forest Paths

Forest Paths POI

Forest Paths

We are waylaid yet again coming out of the Forest of Wyrms. A young green dragon asks us to help it as a couple of hill giants attack.

Young green dragon m'khiin

Save the Dragon

Hidden cache

Someone took great care to conceal something in this rock pile. You would never find this cash without knowing exactly where to look.

Help the dragon and it will reveal a hidden cache located in a rock pile to the west.

Kill the Dragon

Hill giants.png

Kill the dragon. After it dies the hill giants will turn hostile and their Hill Giant Leader will arrive.

  • Young Green Dragon (8000 xp)
  • Hill Giant Leader (3500 xp, Cold Fury +2)
  • Hill Giant x2 (3000 xp, each)

Chapter Nine Intro



Temple of Cyric


Boareskyr Bridge


  1. Mauricio Fontes

    I arrived at this area after Jegg had made me a Green Dragon shield – and upon seeing that I “wore his kind” as a shield, the young dragon immediately become hostile to me.

  2. Terry Gamel

    You can kill the green dragon after helping it, if you’re fast.

    • Terry, you’ve been awesome with the comments keep them coming.

      I usually don’t include things like this as it’s “not intended” but I make a few exceptions if you go through this whole walkthrough 😉

  3. Sirayar

    If you have Jaheira in your party, she’s more fatalistic, and favor doing nothing for the dragon… Coming from you, I’m not proud of you, Jaheira :/

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