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Temple of Cyric

Ruined Temple POI
Temple of Cyric


Finally, we discover the hidden temple of Bhaal which is now filled with followers of the mad god Cyric. Much has changed since our brother Sarevok visited last…

[The Missing Patrol]

Private Kaherrem.png
(Left of cage) This switch seems tied to the spike trap beneath the cage. Flipping the switch would kill anyone in the cage. 

Private Keherrem and two other crusaders were on an important mission and were captured by cultists. He tells us that if we help free him and his fellow crusaders, his uncle Kharm can get us into the camp outside of Bridgefort. He mentions that a big dragon lady might have the key to their cages.

We can free the crusaders to gain entrance to the camp, or use the switch on the wall to kill them.

    • Free Keherrem and the other crusaders and he tells us to seek his uncle Kharm at the crusader camp for a reward.
    • Kill the crusaders and gather Keherrem’s Badge to gain entrance to the camp.

[The Eyeless Priestess]

The reek of excrement and rotting flesh wafts from this dark pit.

Madele is a priestess of Bhaal, eyes removed, tormented and driven further into insanity by the temple’s high priestess. She is able to tell us about the followers of Bhaal and how they were driven out. Kept alive by magical wards, Madele faithfully awaits Bhaal’s return in this dusty rusted cell. Someone named Ziatar has the key to her cell.

If we find a way to open her cell, we can either free Madele or leave her imprisoned.

    • [*Hero] Free Madele and tell her to amend for her misdeeds.
    • [*Villain] Free her and command she uphold Bhaal’s teachings.
    • Free her, but don’t give any direction.

Editor’s note: *This decision will have an impact on SoD’s epilogue. 


This mural of a dragon in its death throes has faded with age. Flecks of gold are all that remain of the dragon’s original color. The gray shades and chalk-white highlights of the exposed underpainting give it a somber, ghostly air. 

Ziatar is the sister of Morentherene. She is quick to turn hostile, but we can learn that it is the high priestess who carries the wardstone we seek. If we have the Dragon Scales in our inventory we can provoke her into attacking without calling upon her guards (you know…the ones we, “took care of” on our way to this room…).

Ziatar will also elude to the “voice in the dark” and attribute it to whispers of the Mad God. Cyric speaks directly to the priestess to further his dark agenda. We sense there is doubt in her words…

On the table are Ziatar’s Journal and Akanna’s Journal providing greater depth to the temple’s current situation.

Ritual Chamber

The cultists of the ruined temple are largely preoccupied speculating what is happening in the ritual room. The high priestess hasn’t come out in days and several cultists hear unsettling sounds at night.


A Neothelid has been summoned and is killing the cultists (20000 xp).


Ceramic pottery, thin sheets of parchment, bottles of dried-up potions and coagulated ink, and a variety of other items fills these shelves. What isn’t already broken is far to delicate to be of any practical use. 

The High Priestess is mentally overwhelmed by someone infiltrating her thoughts to summon terrible monsters, like the Neothelid, into to the temple killing the followers of Cyric. She senses her unseen aggressor is nearby, in reliquary…

Akanna will turn hostile and summon two aerial servants.

    • Akanna (4000 xp, Wardstone).
    • Aerial servants x2 (9000 xp, each).

[Sarevok’s Secret]

Sarevok's secret fractal blade.png
This wall is obviously the work of two or more masons, more than likely during different periods in the temple’s history. 

Six gigantic domino masks are set into this wall. No eyes peer at you from them, yet you cannot escape the feeling you are being observed. 

The hallway before the reliquary’s antechamber has six masks on the wall, two rows of three.

    • One | Two | Three
    • Four | Five | Six

Remembering Sarevok’s notes, it mentions this temple of Bhaal and the numbers 3, 1, & 4. Touch the masks in that order to reveal the hidden room. There is a Shadow Aspect inside (6000 xp) and a chest (Fractal Blade +3).


(An image fills your mind. The creature before you walks down a dark passage before emerging into the bloody light of the temple. It stands above a pile of bodies in an attitude of triumph. Yours is one of the bodies on the pile, your brain removed from your skull.)

The temple has been taken over by an illithid named Darskhelin. He is the source of the voice in the dark coaxing and commanding the cultists to help establish a link to the illithid mind hive, expanding their knowledge and influence in the region. The motives of the mind flayers are unknown…

Reliquary Mind Flayer.png
A gelatinous, faintly glowing substance burbles and burps as it oozes through this collection of glass and metal tubes.

Chapter Nine Intro



Bugbear Stronghold


Forest Paths


  1. Doyeon Kim

    Never expected to see a neothelid in here, especially with mind flayer. I heart they were considered abomination among Ilithid society…

  2. Sirayar

    You can also let Madele rot in her cage, or manually kill her (extra xp). As for the crusaders, I kill them myself at a distance, gaining xp again ;P

    I should acting purely good, for once

    • Talib

      I wanted to thank you so much for this guide! I hope you don’t mind me adding to it. An interesting note for you is that when I killed the Mind Flayers before going to Akanna’s room (the high priestess’s quarters) she thanked me for saving her from the mind flayers domination and gave me the wardstone as repayment. Don’t know if I want the priestess to live (you have the option to still kill her) but if you want her alive, it’s an option.

      • Enilwyn Rakingclaw

        Nice one. RE: Mind Flayers nad Akanna.

        I don’t know if killing the priestess creates a global event for the end game. Telling her to carry out Bhaal’s teaching OR telling her to repent does create options in the Epilogue.

  3. Kyle

    Sarevok’s Note…? What note are we even talking about here?

    • It’s a note you can pick up in the first dungeon which helps with the riddle that leads to the Fractal Blade +3.

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