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Spider Lair

Spider Lair

Spider Lair



m'khiin spider

This small cavern has a surprising amount packed into it. The eastern wing of the cavern contains Severance +2.

M'Khiin Goblin Hide Armor +2.png

SoD rewards us thoroughly for taking M’Khiin with us.

In the north-eastern wing, we find Goblin Hide Armor +2 which is another piece of M’Khiin-specific gear.

Seven-legged spider.png

I count eight legs…

The northern wing has a Seven-Legged spider we can loot for a Giant Spider Leg, an item needed for Neera’s quest.

Beetles and Spiders

Corwin Beetles

Upon entering the western part of the caverns we feel the lair shake. We discover that a swarm of boring beetles and a giant rhino beetle are making all the noise.

M'khiin beetles

Placing an egg in a party member’s inventory will allow us to safely lure the rhino beetle.

Rhinocerous Beetle.png

Using the spider eggs is far from necessary.

We can use the Spider Eggs we find throughout the lair to lure the rhinoceros beetle away from the other beetles if needed. The rhino beetle will drop a Rhino Beetle Shell which can be used later to craft armor.

Spider Silk

Spider Silk

Mouse over the walls until we get the loot icon, it does not highlight.

Spider silk is a quest item for Khalid’s quest. He will mention he wants to make something nice for Jaheira after we resolve the situation at Bridgefort. It can also be found in the Hidden Cellar in the next chapter so it is not critical that we pick it up in Chapter Nine.

Spider Silk.png

There are least four throughout the lair, one will suffice. Thanks, joe!

Chapter Nine Intro



Forest of Wyrms


Wyrm Cave

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  1. joe

    Something worth mentioning I was looking at this guide while playing and noticed that if you move your mouse cursor over the various spider webs that you can actually loot spider webs. Not sure what they are used for yet. Although I was able to collect a few on this ‘zone’

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