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Wyrm Cave

Morentherene's Cavern POI

Wyrm Cave


A large green dragon slumbers in this cavern. If you’re careful, you may be able to sneak past.

Editor’s note: There are a handful of things I know for sure; one, Icewind Dale is cold. Two, dragons horde treasure. Sneak past…ha!

Morentherene Combat

Morentherene will summon greater wyverns.

Morentherene has poison attacks and is extremely susceptible to fire. On core rules, the fight was a piece of cake once I buffed my tank with Protection From Fire spells, then unloaded fireballs, Wand of the Heavens, Arrow of Fire +2, and anything else that remotely looked like fire.

If you take the same approach, you’ll meet little resistance. Now about that dragon’s horde…(13000 xp, Dragon Scales, Morentherene’s horde: 3000 gold, Emerald x3, Diamond x2, Star Sapphire, King’s Tears). The Sable Cloak can be found among the pile of bones.

The scales we can use to craft armor a bit later in our adventure.

Chapter Nine Intro



Spider Lair


Bugbear Stronghold


  1. DeltaV

    The Morentherene fight is also really easy if you have throwing daggers on you; for some reason a hit with a throwing dagger kills it in one shot, without even waking up.

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