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Goblin Waylay

Gaping Hole

Scorch marks and scattered rubble indicate the area of a recent explosion. Magical energies still linger here, indicating the destruction was caused by a spellcaster of significant power. A yawning pit opens to the northwest. 

M’Khiin will alert us to other goblins in the area. Dynaheir warns us to be on our guard as a skilled caster has caused this chaos.

gaping hole goblins.png

Goblins on guard to protect whatever treasure may be found.

Scorch marks mar the ground near corpses burned beyond recognition. As you draw closer, the acrid scent of charred flesh fills your nostrils. 

The explosion has opened up a large hole in the ground. You think you might be able to climb down and inspect the cavern below. 

Inside Gaping Hole

Spongy mushrooms of all shapes and sizes grow on the damp floor. 

An elven mage lay dead surrounded by nearly a dozen other dead elves. In his hand a letter. It appears a significant battle took place in the cavern. It is painfully obvious the elves fell to the might of a mage of immense power.


Spell Breaker.png

Magical energy glows softly in these natural crystal formations, illuminating the cavern. 

At the end of the cavern is another dead body. This one wearing Elven Chain Mail. An enchanted sword can be pried from his now cold hands (Spell Breaker +2).

Chapter Nine Intro



Troll Claw Woods


Forest of Wyrms


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