It appears we are doing the waylaying now, muwhahaha!

Orcs and trolls battles in this clearing. A foul smell wafts from the northeast.

Orc vs. Troll POI

Cave entrance.

Troll Cave

Troll cave.

Use a character with infravision to interact with the Pool of Water, revealing a staircase.

We also find a corpse in the cave carrying a Historical Treatise of Dragonspear Castle on his person.

Historical Treatise of dragonspear castle 1.png

historical treatise of dragonspear castle 2.png

historical treatise of dragonspear castle 3.png

An illuminating read, for sure…

Beneath the Pool

A den of trolls and other baddies.

There are miscellaneous itemsĀ in the troll den, including Firefly +2 in the water.

Chapter Eight Intro