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Iron Throne

Iron Throne POI

Iron Throne Exterior

[Shakedown in Shantytown]

Byzon and Riggs

Dirty Fist…do they come any other way?

Inside the refugee encampment, we witness what appears to be a Flaming Fist officer abusing his power of authority. We can interrupt the exchange and the refugee, Byzon, will give a poorly improvised excuse leading to the officer walking off. Talking to Byzon, we learn he’s been shaken down for gold payments and the name of the officer, Riggs. I should look for Flaming Fist officer Riggs.

Safana Riggs.png

Ooooooh SNAP!

Confront Riggs. He’s your typical, “lining of the pockets” law enforcer, even alluding to multiple mistresses for his necessity to take a little, “cream.” All options make him give back the money, and we should rake him over every last burning coal for it (150 gold).

  • Give Byzon the gold (300 xp, -150 gold)
  • Return to Byzon, tell him you’re keeping the money as payment. We are pretty sinister in our dialogue options (150 gold retained).

Iron Throne First Floor

Iron Throne, First Floor

Corwin Iron Throne

[Recruitment Drive]

We can speak to Rasaad who will admit he is still mourning the loss of his brother, Gamaz (BG:EE Storyline). He mentions that in the past few weeks, many servants of Selûne have vanished. He is currently unwilling to abandon the refugees he is tending to at the Iron Throne.

He will also discuss what he knows of Caelar and recognizes two categories her followers fall into; mercenaries & people she’s recruited for her cause. He describes her as a leader with, “a powerful personality, with charisma that overwhelms her enemies as much as the sword she wields.”

  • Rasaad will not join us now (500 xp).

[A Thief Among Refugees]

Lon Berta.png


After being in the Iron Throne for a short time we’ll witness Berta confronts Lon. She suspects he stole her holy symbol.

  • Talk to Berta & Lon long enough and Rasaad intervenes…
    • Convince everyone there is insufficient evidence and Rasaad will defer to our judgment, even if he doesn’t agree.
    •  Suggest searching Lon’s belongings and he will admit to the theft and turn hostile…into a WEREWOLF (420 xp)!
  • Pickpocket the amulet from Lon at any point…
      • Ask Berta if it is her amulet…
        • Withhold where we found the amulet*.
        • Say we found it on Lon and he will turn hostile (420 xp).
          • Berta gives us her holy symbol in thanks for protecting the refugees from Lon, the werewolf.

Quest Reward: Lon’s Amulet

Editor’s Note: This item is ironically named because it was never Lon’s to begin with >.<

Iron Throne Basement

Iron Throne, Basement (I cannot spell, “doppelganger.”)

[The False Fist]

 Rendezvous with the doppelganger from Ducal Palace.

  • Meet up with the doppelganger (250 gold)
  • Speak with & murder doppelganger after the deal (700 xp)

Chapter Seven Intro


Elfsong Tavern


Flaming Fist Headquarters


  1. Stuart Taylor

    I think that the Werewolf is named Lon after Lon Cheney Jr. The man who played Lawrence Talbot (the title character) in the Original “Wolfman” movie. Have you heard that anywhere?

  2. thehawk

    That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that too:
    “I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen, doin’ the werewolves of London
    I saw Lon Chaney Junior walkin’ with the Queen, doin’ the werewolves of London”

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