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Elfsong Tavern

Elfsong Tavern First Floor

Elfsong Tavern, First Floor

“Lady” Alyth Elendara [Refuged for the Refugees]

Talk to “Lady” Alyth Elendara to obtain supplies for Garachen and the refugees.

  • We can offer to pay 1000 gold for the supplies
  • [Cha] Convince Alyth Elendra to donate them, she will give us a key to the supply chest on the second floor
  • Steal them from the second floor

Return to Garachen outside Ducal Palace with the supplies.

Zaviak [Zaviak’s Vision Quest]

Zaviak.pngZaviak has a pair of groovy spectacles that allow us to see extraplanar beings and pull them into our plane.


Hey, man! I got a beverage here!

Equip spectacles and we can call forth (F8, Use Item) the fire elemental, Al-Alai,  on the first floor of the Elfsong! Whoa!

  • Al-Alai (6000 xp)

Here’s what else we can look forward to if we plan on only using three charges

Editor’s Note: *Nazramu is a must-pull for one our charges. The rest of the charges are situational based on party composition and/or need. Or, we can use the Console to add charges. 

Irina [Days of Wine and Stealing]


Irina is out of ruby wine and she desperately wants to restock her supply. It only involves stealing from the Ducal Palace basement…

  • We can go steal the wine
  • [Mage/Sorc.] If we are, “a wizard of some skill” we can enchant a substitute
  • [Dwarf] Teach Irina how to make a Tongueblister instead of stealing the wine

She will reward us for our help (500 xp, Battle Tankard)

Elfsong Tavern Second Floor

Elfsong Tavern, Second Floor

Safana [Recruitment Drive]

Coran Safana

Garrick & Coran will not join us. Safana takes no convincing to join our party.

Editor’s Note: If we did not have Safana in our party during BG, she will have a Potion of Perception in her inventory. This is potion doubles as a quest item for Neera’s quest later in the game. 

Chapter Seven Intro


Sorcerous Sundries


Iron Throne


  1. Enforcer

    There is a easter egg of sort. If you speak to her with druid (pc/companion) with wisdom < 16 and propose to enchant wine Irina will turn to squirrel. Talk to a squirrel (you really thought that squirrel has something to say to you?). Cast dispell magic on her, she will turn back and say to you what she thinks about all this.
    If you don't have druid in your party (especially with wis < 16) you may cheat a bit.
    1. run via console:
    C:SetGlobal("BD_SDD119_PLAY", "GLOBAL", 0)
    if you already talked to her and she doesn't offer to enchant ordinary wine anymore
    2. Alter BDIRINA.dlg via near infinity. replace DRUID_ALL checks to let's say RANGER and speak to her with Minsc (he has wis < 16, that's what we need).
    Choose druid responses.
    3. cast dispell magic, or just spawn dispell magic scroll:
    and apply to her.

  2. Sirayar

    For the wine substitute, if you’re a cleric (or any kit), or a druid (any kit again), you can also enchant the wine.

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