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Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace, Third Floor.png
Ducal Palace Third Floor

[My Missed Fortune]

Treasury Note.png
Keep a hold of this note until we can meet with Ophyllis in the Ducal Palace basement.

I should look for the treasurer, Ophyllis, in the Ducal Palace’s basement.

We find a receipt on us and our friends’ equipment in a chest next to our bed. The fortune we’ve amassed on our journeys is being stored in the Ducal Palace basement by a treasurer named Ophyillis.

The chest next to our bed act as our bank and gets carried from chapter to chapter. We don’t have to worry about losing any of our items.

There is a dresser in Imoen’s room on this floor. It will contain any equipment she carried during the journey to defeat Sarevok.

Assassination Attempt

Chapter Seven begins with Imoen waking us from our sleep. Being the Hero of Baldur’s Gate has its perks as the Grand Dukes have given us the penthouse of Ducal Palace to reside in for the time being.

Imoen explains she’s jumpy after what’s been going on in the city with the influx of refugees fleeing the crusade. She comes to tell us she thought she heard noises outside of her room and was worried something was happening… After hearing the noises again, she goes to investigate.

Assassination Attempt.png
Imoen lies still on the floor. Her chest rises and falls-she lives. That is all you can be sure of. For now, it will have to be enough. 

As we enter the common room we see Imoen retreating from would-be assassins. Captain Shael Corwin of the Flaming Fist enters to help us end the initial threat, but Imoen is injured in the process. Clearly, the palace security is in need of better training. Luckily one of the dialogue options allows us to express our displeasure with the Flaming Fist’s incompetence if we choose.

Grand Duke Jannath teleports in and learns Imoen has been wounded. The assassins coated their blades with a mystic poison. She will tend to our friend and suggests we help Corwin clear the palace of any remaining threat.

Secure Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace Second Floor
Ducal Palace Second Floor

There is little to do on the second floor outside of rummaging through some drawers after eliminating the assassins present. Move on to the first floor of the palace.

Ducal Palace, First Floor
Ducal Palace First Floor

A Meeting With The Dukes

Meeting the Dukes.png
This meeting of the minds leaves us with more work to do.

Once we arrive on the first floor we converse with the Liia Jannath, Duke Belt, and Grand Dukes Eltan and Entar Silvershield. Eltan identifies one of the assassins affiliated with the Shining Lady, Caelar Argent, by the tattoo on his arm; a sun cresting the horizon.

Belt informs us that several weeks ago 100 Flaming Fist met up with soldiers of Waterdeep and Daggerford to march on Caelar’s stronghold, Dragonspear Castle. Eltan believes our current forces won’t be enough to stop the Argent Crusade from swelling as they ransack the northern countryside. The Dukes hope to enlist our help, yet again.

The Dukes provide a parchment with our likeness found on one of the attackers indicating we were the target of the assassination attempt. They attempt to convince us it is necessary we investigate the threat and Caelar’s intentions, “knowing will benefit us all.”

We are left with no other choice than to find some familiar allies and join the expedition to Dragonspear castle. When we’re ready, Corwin will be waiting at the palace’s main doors to escort us around Baldur’s Gate.

Important Events – I’ve secured the palace, but the crusade remains a threat. Soon I must join an expedition to Dragonspear Castle and face Caelar’s crusade.

After our meeting with the Dukes, we learn from Liia Jannath that the poison coating the assassin’s weapons was weak and Imoen should make a full recovery in time. She is perplexed at what Caelar’s intention to kill the Hero of Baldur’s Gate could possibly be. There are more pieces to the puzzle that we are missing currently.

Skie [Skie’s Grand Plan]

Skie, Entar’s incredibly annoying daughter, requests to speak with us. She wants to know if we plan to join the expedition to Dragonspear Castle. She also tells us that the Dukes aren’t telling us all the information they know. Her father suspects Caelar may share the same lineage as us, another child of Bhaal. Unwilling to elaborate, we must wait for her to find us at a later time.

Jospil [The War at Home]


I should try to cheer up Jospil*. He is incredibly depressed about the plight of the Sword Coast as a result of the Argent Crusade.

  • Best outcome (500 xp, Brevin’s Quarterstaff +1, Buckler +1)
  • Speak with Jospil until you can tell him honor his missing brothers in the north by, “not giving in to despair!” This will make him feel better (250 xp, Brevin’s Quarterstaff +1).
  • If we are unable to cheer Jospil up we can still get some consolation xp (100 xp)

Editor’s Note: This quest has a hidden mechanism involving “mood points” which is explained at the Baldur’s Gate Wiki. Monks, Clerics, and Bards get extra dialogue options which contribute to the xp and rewards offered. 

Credit to Sporky in the comments for the detailed explanation. 

Ducal Palace Basement
Ducal Palace Basement (err…doppeLganger).

Ophyllis [My Missed Fortune]

Ophyllis reveals he has lost the small fortune I’ve amassed, on dog races nonetheless! He swears to me he can get the money back and leaves to do so. I must meet him outside the palace gate.

  • There is a dialogue option to guilt Ophyllis into reporting himself to Belt.

Korlasz’s Cell [Sarevok’s Servant]

Korlasz's Escape.png
Not even magical wards could keep Korlasz caged.

I must defeat Korlasz once again. She accuses the Grand Duke’s imprisoning here in the palace so they can torment and torture her. There is no second surrender. It looks like we get to kill her after all.

  • Korlasz is finished forever (2500xp)

Idianeali [The Fist Restrained] or [The False Fist]

Idianeali .png

A Flaming Fist officer named Idianeali claims he was tricked by a doppelganger and wants us to release him. We do not know why he is imprisoned here, but if Korlasz surrendered the guards will tell us the only one else in the basement cells is a doppelganger. We can open the door using the cell key located on a table behind us.

  • Free the officer and send him on his way
  • Request gold for the officer’s release, he leaves without paying
  • Question how he became imprisoned, he will leave without explaining
    • Attack and he will turn hostile revealing he is, in fact, a doppelganger
      • [The False Fist] He will eventually ask for mercy and offer a secret cache of weapons if we rendezvous with him in the basement of the Iron Throne
        • We can decline his offer and imprison him again
      • Kill him (700 xp)
  • Learn from the guards the only other prisoner is a doppelganger
    • [The False Fist] If we disclose what we learned from the guards the doppelganger will offer a secret cache of weapons if we rendezvous with him in the basement of the Iron Throne
  • If we did not learn about the doppelganger from the guards
    • Open door & ask, “Who are you?” & “Why didn’t the other guards tell me this?”
      • Elect to free the officer
      • Reveal we are the hero of Balder’s Gate and he will turn hostile
        • [The False Fist] He will eventually ask for mercy and offer a secret cache of weapons if we rendezvous with him in the basement of the Iron Throne
          • We can decline his offer and imprison him again

Ruby Wine [Days of Wine and Stealing]

Ruby Wine.png

Irina from the Elfsong Tavern wants a barrel of Ruby Wine. It’s the barrel near the cell the doppelganger occupied.

  • Steal the barrel
  • Steal the barrel and leave 50 gold on the floor… (-50 gold)

Return to Irina at the Elfsong Tavern.

Corwin [Recruitment Drive]

I may find potential allies by visiting the local establishments. Corwin will escort us around town.

Alternatively, we can tell Corwin we’re ready to leave now and she will tell us to get some rest upstairs. Tomorrow we will be embarking from Baldur’s Gate to march on Dragonspear Castle.

Editor’s Note: We need not worry about leaving potential NPC allies behind, they will all embark on the journey with us and be available to join our party when the Flaming Fist make camp. We will miss any experience, items, and quest rewards the city of Baldur’s Gate contains. We do not return to Baldur’s Gate until the very end of the game.

Ducal Palace POI
Ducal Palace Exterior

Flaming Fist Enforcers

Flaming Fist enforcers.png

Directly outside the gates are Flaming Fist enforcers beating back refugees.

  • Encourage nonviolence OR dissuade them from hurting refugees (+1 Reputation)
  • Laugh and say you’d beat people too (-1 Reputation)
  • Bid them good evening (No reputation change)

Garachen & Perren [Refuge for the Refugees]

Garachen and Perren.png
I’m not sure why we take the time to insert ourselves in these matters…

Perren, a refugee, accuses Garachen is fleecing refugees of all their belongings in exchange for housing. I’m conflicted. On one hand, Garachen is being a bastard by taking all the refugees money and belongings. On the other hand…he’s providing people shelter, surely that’s costing him money to do.

We could go to the Flaming Fist Headquarters and ask about Garachen, or we could go to the Elfsong Tavern and attempt to secure more supplies that would ease the situation.

  • See “Lady” Alyth Elendara to obtain supplies at the Elfsong Tavern
    • Return with the supplies (misc. gem)
  • Discuss Perren’s complaints about Garachen to Officer Fritz at Flaming Fist Headquarters
    • If we made accusations of potential slave trading we can tell Garachen he’s been, “found out” and the Flaming Fist will arrive and take him to be held until an investigation can be concluded

Ophyllis [My Missed Fortune]

Upon returning with our money, Ophyllis was robbed by some refugees retrieving my gold. He mentions them saying they were staying at The Three Old Kegs…how convenient…I should search The Three Old Kegs for the people who attacked Ophyllis.

Teera [All the Way to the Bank]


Teera asks if we can currier her earnings so she doesn’t get mugged. We need to take this purse to her moneylender, Senna, across the street from Sorcerous Sundries in the Elfsong Tavern District (50 gold).

  • Take Teera’s gold to Senna for a fee (250 xp, 5 gold)
  • Take Teera’s gold to Senna for free (250 xp)
  • Pocket the money and move on with our lives (50 gold)

Chapter Seven Intro


Korlasz Family Crypt (Narrative)


The Three Old Kegs


  1. Sirayar

    When I played the game this time as a Fighter/Mage/Cleric, and when you do your best to cheer Jospil, you’ll have an option dialogue saying something like “I’m a cleric and I can help you with faith”, or something like. Saying that dialogue option, when it shows up, will allow you to obtain not only the staff, but Jospil will also give a +1 buckler

    By the way, your walkthrough is pratically the only one to be both as complete as possible, and very well organised. Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      It’s not even completely finished >.<

      It will get you really close to the end at which point you'll be on autopilot. After a two year hiatus, perhaps I should finally complete my contribution to the BG community.

    • Sporky

      Jospil’s quest is a bit more complicated than that. Every answer you give Jospil is worth a certain number of “mood points,” and depending on how many points you earn you will receive different rewards: 100 XP, 250 XP and the staff, or 500 XP and the staff and buckler.

      Each topic of conversation has a special response for one certain player class that earns more points: monk, cleric, and bard.

      Telling Jospil to assume his friends are dead is so upsetting that he will stop talking to you and you won’t even receive 100 XP.

      Source: I examined the game’s source code for how it handles this quest. I also just added all this to the Baldur’s Gate wiki: https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/The_War_At_Home

      • I’m not claiming anything herein is Jospil’s gospel. Part of what makes this game so fantastic is just how much nuance there is to some of the most minor aspects/quests. I don’t believe Beamdog got enough credit for that.

        While I won’t be looking at source code, I take great enjoyment out of folks like yourselves posting your comments and I will eventually get around to updating and attributing remarks such as yours. Cheers mate!

  2. Sporky

    Oh I know, I wasn’t trying to offer criticism toward your guide! That was sort of a reply to Sirayar, just explaining it’s not only about being a cleric. No worries.

    • Oh, sorry for the delay in reply (holidays and such). No offense is taken.

      Just a little background about me which may help provide more context. When this game came out I said, “it’s been 15+ years since BG2…I’m going to catalog the journey as much as I can regardless of how good/bad SoD will be.”

      I didn’t read reviews or even come to appreciate the community backlash until about 3 months post-release when I resumed posting on the official forums which are why none of that is addressed. I was just in my own little world.

      At that time the site has been quite popular, it gets about 1000 clicks or so a day and people started commenting, like yourself. This made me well aware there are people who know how to look at the source code and can probably see every possible dialogue option and outcome.

      Unfortunately, that’s not really in my toolkit and why I call myself a “hardcore-casual.” Hardcore enough to make a website! Casual enough not to learn how to dissect code!

      Anyway, the happiest of holidays to you and I much appreciate your contribution to the discussion!

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